Optimization of three things the user data and click

Optimization of three things the user data and click

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3, the user clicks on the

second, user voting is the key to improve website ranking.

optimization based station contains many, including internal links and keywords page flow analysis.

effect. When our keyword into the search engine before it 20 in the affected by the click algorithm, increase user click can improve the keywords ranking. >

users are the focus of the search engine, user preference and action must be reflected in the website ranking. If your website is the trust of users, so the user viscosity is relatively high, the relative site showing the whole data better, such as page retention time increased, the bounce rate decreased, PV, so the vote on the quality score, this website ranking will be increased by voting effect.

We know that

1, itelinks voting principle. In the chain of reasonable layout and quality can not only enhance the search engine spiders to crawl the site, is also a kind of recommendation and polling station information content. Of course, no matter which only a few pages to link the vote is to be recognized and awarded, which requires Shanghai dragon Er reasonable able to master station information link recommendation, and finally is given from the gold flow guide page recommendation.

third, the comprehensive optimization is to promote the key station website ranking.

data analysis, analysis of the needs of users is the largest, is the analysis of competitors keyword set, analysis is to show the data for the current web site. Through these data, we can be very accurate to set up a website main keywords, can also be a clear user needs, so as to enhance the quality of website based on Web data on the original search engine off, so as to obtain relatively good rankings.

as the site of the Shanghai dragon Er what we should do is to put the keyword of the website to the search engine home, because only to the home, can bring the most likely click, bring traffic the best transformation contributed to complete the network marketing and profit. How will the site keywords to search engine home is Shanghai dragon Er each to pay close attention to the problem. Today I want to share with you is Dennis do three things: optimization of the data, and click.

first, the analysis of the accurate data base is to enhance the website ranking.

2, gold flow page. We all know that most of the time, the website page weight is on the front page, but when pages overwhelm the home page, here we simply refers to the maximum flow rate when the page, usually when a page flow of more than three times larger than the other pages, we called it the golden traffic page. For the gold flow page, we want to be alone opened up, as the main object of extrapolation, so as to get more traffic, and some of the links pointing to the page is also because of its role in recommendation rank well. This page usually let users in the search engine will get good rankings of the first page.

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