Love Shanghai 301 redirect weight transfer needed

Love Shanghai 301 redirect weight transfer needed

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301 redirect, Shanghai dragon ER and Adsense must have is often done, but each search engine for 301 redirection of reaction speed is not the same. No noble baby said, is the fastest, the combat has proved. Then love Shanghai? Should not ask how fast, but should ask how slow. Some time ago, because the company website first domain, don’t take the WWW with a 301 redirect to the following WWW. Because, when I search for certain words, find love for Shanghai without the WWW domain name, give high weight, but also with the WWW domain name, so tangled up, first domain or under the unified best. So let the technical staff, with a 301 under.

regardless of the Shanghai dragon or for the development of the website, very important. No change in the station, so most of the time, the web server is always a problem, can not access time, sometimes for hours, a month to do a few times. So now the snapshot or September 21, 2010. The site is not unobstructed, the search engine can do with


chain and the chain, I is directly to do within the chain and the chain with the domain name www.


1, the server is stable or not.

2, domain name age, this station, the domain name is registered for 98 years began, baidu domain name can be said than the old ah, you think of love in Shanghai has not come out, the company name appeared, SE will look at how this! Because the surface is very difficult to use the data to see this. But I guess.

3, the construction of

I don’t remember what time this station for 301, not in 10 years of the end of November is at the beginning of December. Because the site is on the line until the official website launched in 10 months. To get the template during quite a long time, so never care about this. It is made from the end of November 301, so until today has been two months. And I was yesterday, when combined with a specific keyword search Shanghai love is still the same, without WWW domain in the first row. But today is changed into the www.***贵族宝贝.cn domain name, and the last day of Shanghai also updated the site snapshots and included. This shows that love for Shanghai officially this website made reflects a 301 redirect. If the safety of this time to count, you can love Shanghai for 301 sites reflect the time length of two months like this.

but not necessarily oh. Because the company has a station, also make a first domain 301, but until now the love in Shanghai has not react, or to give a higher weight without WWW domain. Observe the following points should be considered.

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