On the five point Web2 0 anti spam Raiders experience proposals

On the five point Web2 0 anti spam Raiders experience proposals

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Five, adhere to the original

with love Shanghai algorithm update, many of the once glorious moment of pseudo original method, the effect will gradually weaken and even invalid. Therefore, the original articles website is particularly important. So the webmaster should adhere to the original, only two insist on the theme of the site and content of the original articles can be every day. It can effectively less love Shanghai it was deleted, and be able to speak in this paper included the number to rise.

with search engine update, now has the ability to recognize text chain and give a certain weight transfer. In the past we have been pursuing the anchor release, for the pure text of the chain has not given some attention, so many friends to stand in the main draw text link, the lack of diversity, leading to website ranking is no longer ideal. So we focus on the construction of the chain effect diversity, pay attention to pure text outside the chain.

three, on the pure text outside the chain

finally, no matter how to update the search engine, as long as the webmaster.

, a chain released stronger correlation

chain related

with Web2.0 anti spam Raiders introduced, for lack of correlation Links station can transfer will be greatly reduced, therefore, we for a chain exchange, need to pay attention to the correlation, if there is no correlation between weight, even high transfer. What is the use?

Since the beginning of May

two, the correlation between inside and outside the station to strengthen

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released Web2.0 anti spam with the Raiders, many sites have emerged various abnormal phenomena in the crash, there are many good website ranking, the ranking has disappeared overnight, until now still not been restored. From another perspective, it seems clear that we love Shanghai will re shuffle. In this regard, we should how to deal with these small Adsense? The author from the Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders also get some inspiration, so to share with you some of my personal opinions.

for the construction of the chain, anti spam in the official release of the Web2.0 detailed strategy can be seen, the inconsistent with the theme of the page for some garbage treatment, and let the chain that many sites greatly decline, fundamental rankings decline rapidly. It also seems clear to bid farewell to the post related sectors posting, advertising area era, want to website ranking rise or stable need to relevant content outside the chain of high quality.


in the past, a lot of friends in order to make use of a lazy completely unrelated articles with keywords and then to get a good ranking, the reshuffle love Shanghai, this type of site has been K too horrible to look at. Love Shanghai has always stressed that the user experience, only the intention to do the site, with the direction of the user experience to do, so that we can truly meet the search engine.

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