Love of the ten core content of Shanghai algorithm

Love of the ten core content of Shanghai algorithm

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three: update to account for 10% of

two: the chain should be accounted for 20% of

in the chain optimization is not the more the better, but do not in the 1000 words in more than five key links, such as the word Chinese students, not more than five in an article, "if there are other chain also must grasp this principle, otherwise there will be one of the key words

In fact, the construction of lie to you! !The construction of the

the proportion of the chain is relatively high, so there are many ways of the construction of the chain on the market, such as the black hat optimization, such as the sale of links and so on, some of the high quality of the chain can be sold to hundreds of yuan, if a site has a lot of high quality the chain, then the ranking is very easy to love Shanghai on the construction of the chain, don’t want to do a good job, the city of Rome is not a day to be able to build a successful construction well, every day is a very important point


four: age 20%

internal site plus link address is a web site, which is called in the chain, and the anchor text is the best and the head of the keywords web page corresponding to this factor is relatively stable, but accounted for in the love of Shanghai in the optimization of a proportion of not more than fifteen percent, the lowest will not be less than 10%, so in order to get a successful website, must be good, so do to optimize the internal chain

! suspects!

chain content and website as important, but should pay attention to regular updates, we like to eat the same, should be the law, can not overeating, amount and time will be updated every day on time a little better, the updated best article is original, it must be more than words, 200 words, if the text is too short, the search engines do not know what keywords your article, so we must pay attention to regular updates, the proportion is about 10%

?In fact,

chain to find the station long age, high PR value, words related to a relatively high degree of export link, not more than 30, Shanghai included a good love, love is a snapshot of today or yesterday’s Shanghai website, in addition to the attention of others website cheating, such as through the frame way to do outside the chain and you. In fact, there is no weight derived, but on the page to display a link to your site, so the link cost of

we know the site to be successful, get good rankings Shanghai love is very important, but love Shanghai algorithms tend to be based on many factors considered, many people will only on the content, in the chain, has a more profound understanding of this chain, but made several aspects of this website ranking not necessarily can be routed to the very high, but also the need to combine some practical cases, we are going to introduce the ten core love Shanghai algorithm content, hope can help to the webmaster friends

: a factor in the chain accounted for about 10%

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