The capital of winter or warm The starting point for the next venture

The capital of winter or warm The starting point for the next venture

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Abstract: the capital of winter or warm? Where is the point of explosion under a start-up? In such a market environment, entrepreneurs should deal with what kind of attitude? What entrepreneurs and investors favor?

June 21st, 2016 (fifteenth) China Internet Conference held in Beijing. The U.S. partner Ghauri law firm Liu Zhen, Sichuan capital founder / former Saif partner Wang Qiule, a technology CEO/ small coffee show founder Han Kun, KPCB Chinese partner in charge of Zhou Wei for "capital for winter? The topic of new venture" explosion point is discussed.

based on the following speech shorthand:

Moderator: last year, the market has been a voice said the capital in the winter to come, you are what kind of evaluation for the past six months? From the second half of this year to 2017, this winter will last long, is a kind of expected value of


Zhou Wei: every two years meeting once winter, winter today is normal, with the previous difference is that now is a warm winter. Now, although the investment down, but the money on the market is really very much, China is now registered 2.5 VC/PE institutions. In addition, the market is to look at the company quality, although in the past half a year in the United States, the people of Xinyi should loan in December last year, the city, around the Spring Festival market value fell to about $200 million, now up, within half a year, 5 times more than the market value of the difference. Including 51Talk before the listing. The market looks a little warmer.

Wang Qiule: Zhou said it is warm, I basically agree with. Over the past few years, especially in the past two years, the first half of this year to the whole investment rhythm to slow a lot, but I personally think that there must be some factors of conditional reflex, because of the impact of capital sector crash, overreacting, drop a few fierce, slowly have a go slowly the rising process. Even if a certain extent back, can not go back to the 2014 kind of frenzy, so I personally think but is now somewhat normal, not so bad.


seconds, the second half of last year announced B round of financing success, at the time of this round of financing is 200 million dollars, to participate in the investment investors are Sina, micro-blog, Sequoia Capital and so on, from the time point is precisely in the capital of the winter, the second shot has a decisive factor in what ways in which, makes success for such a large margin in such an adversity, among the Unicorn


Han Kun: we all have one thing in common: we are one of the best in the industry. For example, when it comes to the theory of capital in winter, the capital is willing to move into the field of rapid development. We do a short video, in 2015 it launched a small coffee show, consumer habits from the past traditional PC transfer to the mobile Internet, and then to the mobile phone, mobile phone watch video is also the main way of entertainment. On such a basis, the big trend is to make us

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