Love is too dependent on Shanghai will only make you suffer a big

Love is too dependent on Shanghai will only make you suffer a big

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since the last 628 events to now, how many regular website ranking deprived? How many webmaster complaints but no door? With its products.

from Google Chinese exit the market, Shanghai is undoubtedly the love took first place in the domestic search engine, love Shanghai power, is the only hand over days, became the talk of the town, summon wind and call for rain, The people are destitute., the way to describe the love of Shanghai is not, in fact, in the past two years, due to the rise of Shanghai dragon love, has a huge impact on Shanghai bidding, in order to love their own interests, the rise of Shanghai must continue to suppress Shanghai dragon, in order to ensure their own interests forever.


the two love Shanghai continue to improve, how to improve the user experience of what? Improve their products to occupy the home, love Shanghai ranked 3 to 4 positions; improve two, forced to do the bidding of more and more people; improve three, illegal spam ranking is still strong, well you don’t believe? I’ll get a sample of it, see below: first,




love Shanghai in the past two years, an algorithm of frequent updates, each update will have another batch of innocent owners down, the purpose is to update the user experience, if so? Kill another batch of websites is called for the user experience? How about, users now find the valuable content is who should provide? Is not provided by the webmaster, love Shanghai say they are in order to improve the user experience, when webmasters have fallen, valuable content provided by who? No substantive content available to users, but also about what the user experience? Pure excuses. I see, also not to want to more enterprises to do the bidding, we can imagine, when the enterprise stand ranking are deprived, what will you do? Is not forced to do the bidding? Love Shanghai constantly suppressed, constantly blocked, purpose is very obvious,

I want to ask is, this site is illegal cheating? This site is what the user experience to talk about? But why is the illegal cheating site, the ranking has been very good, very strong. And those of us in earnest to do station was again down, this is the love of Shanghai to continue to improve the results of


this site in the end what is special, can have such a high proportion, so good rankings? I entered the analysis, is a simple Taobao guest single page, no navigation, all those slimming products, content is still out of order, not to say, please look at the pictures of

this site is Taobao customers, do slimming products, from the above point of view, the domain name has been more than 1 years of age, included and trans are less, the weight is good, a lot of keywords ranking on the home page, please see below.


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