How to make the search engine stable keywords ranking

How to make the search engine stable keywords ranking

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(3) time to solve the problem of

when the search engine adjustment, keywords ranking will be down, if the search engine adjustment before the site changed, it will have good rankings. You can change the color change is the website, the website function, which belongs to the page, there is a change in user experience. If your website content is real enough, after reasonable, well intentioned people reproduced, "

when the site of a certain rank, the search engine has given a certain weight. If you update the article follow the prescribed order, the hair of the chain, then your keywords will be stable, just as you do not change, more and more words on the list. To sell the old old say is this thing, the time domain name is old, the content of the website is old, the search engine will pay more attention to your site keywords ranking will also have a small part of the floating. If this is a new web site, then you have to do day by day, adhere to the content of the website only succeed when.

general web site keywords have rankings, then the search engine has pay attention to your site, and your site content and site updates have a certain weight, then increase the original article, contribute to the stability of key words. One is to increase the keyword and the auxiliary keyword density, one is to increase the number of original articles, help attract spiders, and increase its residence time. Keywords ranking has been presented to the best way of the user, the title is the search engine included an important engine position, so in the title add keywords or auxiliary keyword density, the search engine will match the main keywords it in the database, and more will make your site keywords occupies an important position. When adding keywords, must be in control of about 3%. (I see a lot of Web site keywords ranking, the most suitable keywords 3%.

(1) increase the original increase keyword density

website chain is an important reference search engine ranking. When your site has a certain number of the chain, the chain has good quality, poor quality, poor quality of chain, when the search engine update, will automatically disappear, then we need to do outside the chain of stable, stable running at a fixed site. Increase the chain selection weight high website, general free forum, news sites like submission. Every day on the 5, 10, 20 articles of this law, clever increase keyword search engines. Later, the chain, at least for a long time will not disappear. That is, the chain for the emperor, all the time to remember.

(2) outside the chain of stable increase of


keyword in the search engine ranking is not stable, there are many sites have such problems, the web site traffic and income instability, the factors of instability, the cause of the problem should start from their own website. The website has such a problem, I summarize several methods, can refer to.

(4) to treat


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