Optimization techniques and effects of Web site detailed link station

Optimization techniques and effects of Web site detailed link station

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4, the ranking page to add noffllow tags

for small website article link buried deeper is not easy to be found, in fact, the search engine and the people are the same, you buried deeper is not easy to be found in the search engine, so don’t even talk to be included, indexing and ranking, so the best can appear on the web page or more easy to find, for example, the wealth website from the website home page click 3 times to see the final page.

and share content are optimizing website content, and the wealth of small today specially compiled some relevant website internal and external link optimization content and optimization can be achieved through the link.

website link optimization and station link optimization is as important as the two are complementary, may be of different search engines are different, Shanghai pays more attention to love in the same condition is the content of Google, more attention is paid to the link, so the two are at the same time to make the site more friendly the search engine.


site map is a very important link, because the search engine spiders can reach any position on the map through the site map site map, as long as you do good, can let the spider crawling fast search site, but also save time, the search engine is very happy to see, can save a lot of time and resources to the search engine. Also suggested that the station to the site map on the web page, so that users can easily find and search engines. But the site map submitted to the search engine, so that it can find the website link to update, timely collection of web pages.

, a first in the chain, many webmaster and site administrators are trying very hard to do in fact, external links, external links is relatively limited, but in the hands of internal links, this time suggest you put good Sitelinks optimization to do external links, is saying work grinding knife. Here’s the station link optimization content.

3, the

5, channel page, content page each build >

when writing articles on key words can create a text description, so that the search engines will think this word is important, and then through the word and then grab ", so the search engine will give the high attention, the word will also improve ranking rate.

keyword description text

website ranking links to add noffllow, so you can keep the weight of a web page, to prevent unnecessary loss of weight, but also can promote the site keywords ranking, in fact, to increase the weight of home a total of two methods is an open source, the other is throttling, even increase noffllow label the throttle.

Those who do not participate in the

2, reduce the website article link depth

1, do the site map website and submitted to the search engine

In fact, the

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