A5 Forum forum signature of Dennis had to cancel the personal opinions

A5 Forum forum signature of Dennis had to cancel the personal opinions

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Dennis cancel forum signature brings Since Cancel

believe that success is hard up after all, and A5 to cancel this action forum signature, it is in line with the love of Shanghai policy — to create a most favorable user experience in network environment.

A5 forum signature cancel starting point

love Shanghai "on the chain after the advent of judgment", has brought a new round of shock, not only has effect on each station, and even many forums have begun to take measures such as cancellation of forum signature. Dennis Wan Wanda would want to write this article, because see many opinions on the incident, so let Dan also has to share their personal opinions and ideas of the people.

the past two years, love Shanghai for the chain of increasingly stringent requirements, which also prompted every webmaster to change strategy, with the high quality of the chain. Admittedly, the chain has great impact on the webmaster, but for the forum is also a certain stimulus, if it contains too much junk information in the website, then certainly will gradually decline, so in the Dennis view, the measures taken by A5 is very wise.

forum signature should now response is the biggest A5 forum, like Shanghai dragon WHY, stand in a row, outdated Dennis forum does not know whether they will follow the same approach. But for now, it is A5 to cancel the forum signature as in threw out a thunder, let many webmaster be taken by surprise.

, the webmaster speaking

love Shanghai

and now love Shanghai’s policy has put the garbage outside the chain are excluded, there are many webmaster love Shanghai is just a bluff, after all now also didn’t see more serious consequences, but he thought, this is just love Shanghai to everybody stationmaster a buffer time, let me.

, in order to meet the requirements of the network environment

is such a major move, I believe that A5 must be carefully considered, but also must have his starting point, he not only, in view of this phenomenon, he made the following conjecture:

A5 development today is not easy, but the size of a network environment, we still can only follow the myriads of changes, the search engine and go, only the principle of detection chain and love Shanghai launched: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific high quality recommendations, this view has caused a great disturbance.


may have many owners believe that the abolition of the BBS signature is to give us one disaster after another chain construction "". But Dennis Wise that owners will not be this policy caused substantial impact, after all, the chain is the king of the network world has been lopsided, the chain is not everything, the user experience is essential.

two, for the long-term development of

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