With a 90 wonderful team said the new company Ma Dong to play what strange flower

With a 90 wonderful team said the new company Ma Dong to play what strange flower

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September 12th morning, Ma Dong’s friends was Zhang Quanling’s resignation speech shuabing. "Dramatic changes in the media industry, to a trend, leaving no what get excited over a little thing." Ma Dong said to the tiger. But just two years, two contrast, the same as CCTV host, he went farther than the previous colleagues farther.

September 16th, Ma Dong’s team held a 90 to participate in the conference, announced that the new company, m not media (take ME& WE meaning) set up. They sent before the opening of a certain brand of milk and coffee, interact with guests (you drink white coffee look even may directly be projected into the scene on the screen), even commercial sponsorship with him in video circle famous variety show "wonderful" as joy. In this big coffee show, Li Kaifu, Xu Xiaoping, Gong Yu, Fan Jun and other investors, corporate executives, and even Guo Degang and Jia Ling join. All of this makes the live tiger sniffing a sigh of editing, which is a conference, it is completely "entertainment" pattern for variety show.


investment circles and entertainment celebrities, do you know a few familiar faces?

Ma Dong why out of business? One foot into the upstream content circle, his relationship with his old club do? M failed to bring what changes to the video entertainment circle? Listen to Ma Dong talk about the tiger sniffing and ~


Ma Dong before leaving, what happened?

in July this year, as Iqiyi CCO Ma Dong left the news began to spread like wildfire in the circle, but in addition to a Iqiyi official statement, the parties have no more explanation, which led to the outside of this suspicion. So Ma Dong before leaving Iqiyi, what exactly happened?

Ma Dong served in the CCO period, Iqiyi is also in the content and scale of the fastest rising period. Iqiyi here greatly expanded the content of copyright, and build a platform from the media video celebrity studio form, plus Baidu traffic, Iqiyi had to let go and fight a volume of Youku potatoes. Recall the experience in Iqiyi’s 988 day of work, Ma Dong quite humbly concluded: "in all team efforts, we work together to achieve this goal, can participate, I was honored."


and proud, but also have trouble. More than a year, Iqiyi from a technical platform for the company to a platform based media company. As CCO, he had to spend 70% hours on team and resource management. Almost every day to open large and small more than a dozen meetings, leaving me too little time in the creation of content." Ma Dong told tiger sniffing, he wanted to put most of the energy into the creation, so find Gong Yu drink.

"leave the business" this word export, Gong Yu asked: "do you want to clear it?"

wants to know." < >

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