Wanda is after M & a busy time network television and a deep database to make money

Wanda is after M & a busy time network television and a deep database to make money

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Abstract: after four months of mergers and acquisitions Wanda, time net handed over the first report card – Mtime PRO. This is positioned in the one-stop to meet the needs of the film industry data, App, the main push of the production data plate selection type, pick actor. Different from other film and television industry data analysis App, Mitme PRO is more like a basic version of the IMDbPro.


time network CEO Hou Kaiwen site to explain the new version of the Mtime PRO

at the end of July this year, Wanda cinema announced a $280 million buyout online ticketing platform time network, time network has 100% stake. Now 4 months later, after being acquired over time network first answer.

recently, Wanda cinema joint time network conference, Wanda cinema President Ceng Maojun introduced in recent years, the performance and strategic development goals. Time network CEO Kevin announced a new mobile products Mtime PRO and Live (Mtime) on the line, mainly in the promotion of film, media and advertising business.

after the acquisition of four months, Wanda cinema and time network of resources integration of online and offline. Currently, the time line on the electricity supplier and Wanda line under the store has achieved a business merger, which is mainly reflected in the unified brand identity, unified background management, O2O services to achieve derivatives.

released large data products Mtime PRO, strengthen the upstream layout

After the

Wanda cinema merger time network an important structural adjustment is fully taken over time network mobile terminal technology product development team Wanda cinema. The merger between the two sides for the same technical team, to build a professional end user for the B side and C side view of mobile products.

Mtime PRO release, is a key layout after the merger. According to Hou Kevin site, Mtime PRO, the focus of the next phase of layout is the development of user data, mainly to provide true and detailed analysis of user portrait for the film producer and producer, the interactive relationship between the film and the audience to help users multitray film distribution and projection in the process.

Mtime PRO home page is the main sector of the box office, derivatives procurement, box office PK, release calendar, production data and hot news. Time network said, Mtime PRO, the biggest bright spot is the comparison of the production data and the film, in order to meet the needs of production and distribution links". Production data are divided into type analysis, ranking the top three film and film plate.


production data plate film details

on Mtime PRO, users can query the specific types of movies on the market, the average >

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