The teenager 12 years old began to stock code opened the first company at the age of 13

The teenager 12 years old began to stock code opened the first company at the age of 13

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tiger sniffing note: the original title for the "Meet the founder an incredible to understand startups", the original author MIC tool, tiger sniffing compiled by the WRIGHT 13-year-old.

13 year old Soroush Ghodsi, in the green years, redefined the 13 year old

Soroush has issued an anonymous name Whispererly, in the Twitter on the timing of pushing a small plug-in, when the first time I chatted with him about it by mail when I didn’t feel that they are chatting with such a young entrepreneur.

on the site Slik – he’s a real start-up company, you can search and investment, the number of employees, page access information and other information to retrieve, filter, track the company.

before you contact Whispererly because things to me, so I think when my entrepreneurial company officially launched, should let you know. In case you don’t remember me, here are some of my basic information.

my name is Soroush, 13 years old this year, is the founder of Slik. Silk is committed to helping investors find the best companies and related information. You can according to the investment and financing information, the number of employees, page visits and other information retrieval, screening, tracking to the company. I started to develop Slik at the age of 12, although the process is not easy, but now I finally released the beta version of Silk.

do you think this will be your reader’s interest?

I would like you to do more in-depth interviews with me and the company (Skype, email and Twitter contact below).

thank you


Ghodsi is a very talented teenager. This is not only reflected in so he can keep cool tone, send a letter to calm almost perfect PR pitch letter, but throughout the session, you will completely forget yourself with a just entered adolescence in the discussion of the whole world.

is his explanation for the origin of Slik:

I used to invest in stocks. A work in Financial Street with my uncle, I introduced the Bloomberg terminal. After this naive I decided to take this as a. So I use Scraper (translator’s note: a Massachusetts Institute of Technology design and development of a simple programming tool for youth) developed a similar to the Bloomberg terminal, but obviously this is impossible, because the Bloomberg terminal cost is thousands, the search function is in milliseconds as a unit.

I’ve been investing for a while

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