One thousand and one art ART1001 Designer soft entrepreneurial platform is about to start the wo

One thousand and one art ART1001 Designer soft entrepreneurial platform is about to start the wo

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2016 China (Guangzhou) International Architecture Exhibition, industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises (double) summer summit, "entrepreneurship, innovation and leading enterprise in the World Premiere" from July 8th to July 11th at the grand opening of Guangzhou. In the 18.2 China Museum Building Decoration Association of exhibition area, will open the design works in "entrepreneurship and innovation" as the theme of the exhibition, the exhibition visitors will be from Internet innovation enterprises, design art, VRAR experience exhibition and design BIM, multi angle to appreciate the architectural decoration industry charm.

Ma Yun said, "over the past 20 years of the Internet, the next 30 years is the traditional enterprise", in Internet plus 4, 3D, industrial printing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality development, upgrading of industrial iteration is fast, in the face of trillion level building decoration industry, who will become the industry the Unicorn


focus on the designer (soft) mobile Internet platform for entrepreneurship one thousand and one Arts (ART1001) from design cut into

curve data from Cannes is not difficult to find, in 2016 a lot of the Internet industry from high to low and then to the smooth development of the process, while the field of soft equipment is in a steady ascent trend. A promising industry, the need for a watch pain points cut.


in building decoration industry to upgrade the flood, focusing on the designer (soft) one thousand and one arts mobile Internet platform business (ART1001) 2016 Chinese (Guangzhou) special attention in the International Architecture Exhibition exhibitors, their "design" as the entry point, the creation of the world’s DIM (Information Management) service mode. Hardcover "BIM" system, they have VR/AR system, 3D system, supply chain modeling compression engine 4 system is the current practitioners more to share! In the path to the economy as they walked, mysterious and confident! The accumulation of integration of more than and 10 years, nearly a year of "infrastructure". A huge source of energy saving has been initially built a pool! Let designers easily business platform is born! This platform will provide the designer brand building – get order design tools – sharing – Installation – customer service logistics services, and financial services, big data services one-stop solution software installed.

one thousand and one Arts (ART1001) mobile terminal platform has advanced VR/AR software installed scene display technology, 3D online cloud design tools, massive high-quality public decoration design, factory direct supply of cost-effective products. In the designer’s work flow, realize the automatic generation platform list online program, offline experience to promote the single (solid + liquid, to ensure that the designer can store experience) and the owners to see the communication and confirmation whenever and wherever possible, while providing a variety of payment orders, convenient, free installation of logistics customer service visualization service, allows designers to design products from time-saving peace of mind, to speed up the efficiency into a single, real.

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