The coming stormin the new board will welcome the major institutional change

The coming stormin the new board will welcome the major institutional change

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, deputy general manager of the national share transfer company spokesman Sui strong informed the focus of recent work: start the stratification mechanism, optimize the protocol transfer system, the development of the market making business.

three new board listed companies has more than 3500, private enterprises accounted for 95%, accounting for 95% of small and micro enterprises, high-tech enterprises accounted for 77%, more than 99% of the company’s investors unheard. Open the new board’s official website, it is "thousands of companies ran the eye, Wuqishu doubt in my mind", "gold-tide" and "Brinkman" and "maystar", "the fly", "Haiyang" of these companies, look at the name of company’s main business is what all not guess, more difficult to know revenue size, profitability, growth stage and other information.

Sui Qiang said: the new three board layered start. To adapt to the market structure, the level of change and endogenous needs, arrange research to determine the basic principles and the implementation scheme of internal stratification and related system, choose to implement the internal market stratification, the formation of differentiated services and regulatory arrangements, investors reduce the cost of information collection. Increase the focus on innovative, entrepreneurial, growth oriented incubation of listed company." In other words, innovative, entrepreneurial, growth firms will stand out to get more attention from investors.

reform and optimize the transfer agreement system and vigorously develop market making business, in order to improve the trading volume of the new three board, so that stocks flow up to attract the majority of investors.

At present, many

companies three new board listing not only issuing new shares and old shareholders sell (fear of control is weakened or the stock has not reached the psychological price), causing the market stock trading. Sui Qiang said to optimize the issue pricing mechanism to encourage enterprises to issue new shares and improve the system at the same time, allowing companies to issue preference shares, bonds, that is to increase the supply and improve the financing capacity of enterprises in the new three board.

market maker is an indispensable role in the mature capital market, its function is not only contributed to the transaction, the active market is the discoverer of enterprise value. At present, the majority of the majority of the new three panel makers in the hands of the enterprise through private placement, improve the ability to make market is a prerequisite for market makers to invest more money and expand investment research team. Official guidance to the policy is very important, more important is to make profitable market.

three new board investors are very concerned about a problem is turning board, is the enterprise to the motherboard, small board or gem has become a real listed company". The successful transfer of three new board will bring huge returns to investors. In early 2014, Yao Gang, vice chairman of the Commission has said: the new three board listed companies to reach a certain standard can be transferred to the board, after the IPO audit and IPO listing of the two procedures to become a listed company." So far, the transfer plate problem is still inconclusive.

turn plate side effects are also quite obvious: investors are only looking at the hope of turning the board of outstanding enterprises, the market has a serious polarization. Excellent enterprise

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