Liu Qiangdong Harvard speech This is a record and struggle Era

Liu Qiangdong Harvard speech This is a record and struggle Era

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NetEase Francisco April 27th news, Boston time on the afternoon of April 25th, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong made a keynote speech at Harvard China forum, to share the experience and experience he founded Jingdong and two venture O2O project "Jingdong home". Liu Qiangdong stressed that the key to success is to solve the problem, but it is worth every one record, struggle era ", is the best time to start business, because" all things are accelerating the development, provide a great opportunity for the rapid increase of human demand for entrepreneurs.

Liu Qiangdong said, today, students are worth returning home, because today, China’s enterprises, especially in the field of private enterprises in the Internet, not worse than any other company in the world. China Internet enterprise attaches great importance to innovation, user experience and talent, respect and inspire employees to establish a modern enterprise system, follow the most advanced concepts of corporate governance, trade in accordance with the rules of the world trade."

below is Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong’s speech:

ladies and gentlemen, I want to make a speech for everyone to use in English, the results of a total (Zhang Lei, Hillhouse capital CEO) is a Chinese, make me really feel shy, so I still use in speech.

last night I asked a big brother’s friend, I said I would like to know what you want to hear today, he said, in fact, very much want to listen to entrepreneurship. I know that entrepreneurship is very recent fire, I think many of the students here today have entrepreneurial impulse or intend to. If you let me say entrepreneurship, I want to say, if you want to succeed in business, the key words: as long as you can solve a problem, then your project will be successful.

I’m going to tell a story from my college. In 1992, I admitted to the National People’s congress. The economics department, the financial department of people’s Congress is a very good professional work, especially to find, and I was on the Department of sociology, the one thing the Department of sociology is the most difficult to find a job. At that time, the dormitory leader of the English Department of girls love, love for a whole year, every night with her on the night, finally put the girl to the east gate of the National People’s Congress about small garden one night, five of us in the dormitory very excitedly waiting for good news. Our dormitory eldest brother came back, said to fail, why? He said that girl said, you are the Department of sociology, sociology department even work can not find, how can I fall in love with you ah?

so I have to solve the first problem, want to find a girlfriend. Although my major is not easy to find work, but after simple research, I found that girls love the boys with a sense of mystery, so I think for a long time, what is the most mysterious? I suddenly found in 1993, is the most mysterious Chinese in computer, so I decided I would have to learn computer science, programming to our department, the teacher made a name card management system. Because as a professor of the National People’s Congress, attend a variety of business cards are very large, it is difficult to find a business card, through my program in the business card management >

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