Four case 90 tell you how fun roadside stalls

Four case 90 tell you how fun roadside stalls

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I dark horse: put two years ago, IDG can not vote for such a person.

They graduated from the prestigious

, from Google, Baidu, the Chinese Academy of Sciences left the venture, selling pancakes, grilled hamburger, pig’s trotters. They give up the generous treatment of large companies, concerned about the food and vegetables.

over the past year, IDG capital has invested 15 after 90 entrepreneurial projects, Peking University Master of law Zhang Tianyi’s cow cow rice soup is also one of them. IDG partner Li Feng believes that in the investment project IDG two times earlier, once the Internet banking, a young lifestyle and young entrepreneurs. A lot of people after 90 have a real interest and idealism, and create a different life, consumption, entertainment, and to be able to compare the pure efforts and perseverance." Li Feng said.

another angel investor Xu Xiaoping even believes in Zhang Tianyi who saw the Starbucks founder Howard · the shadow of Schultz – Schultz not forget the taste of a cup of coffee, Zhang Tianyi can not forget the childhood to eat Rice noodles taste, this is a great impetus to real entrepreneurs should have.

highly educated, thoughtful and capable young people, more and more investment in traditional industries in the lower threshold of the ground line, began to China contempt "stereotypes common citizens stream" for thousands of years for Subversion — this is the field of venture capital catering exciting trend, young entrepreneurs with the combination of Internet is to bring about change, creativity.

Li Gongfu of "entrepreneurs" said that he is learning how to Ali and Tencent, through a product shaping their own brands, so only three square meters of "clootie masterpiece" to complete the transformation from roadside stalls to fast-food chain as soon as possible. West master founder Meng soldiers from the beginning will learn from the framework of Baidu Inc, chef that the development manager.

they set up shop in Wudaokou, Huilongguan, the humble Chaowai SOHO corner, but with the radius of the network, so that people are willing to pay for it from thousands of miles away. Compared with the traditional catering entrepreneurs, they have no more special advantage, perhaps the only difference is that, when the Internet brings disruptive change at the moment of the business logic, they believe that the power of the Internet, and thus growing.

Zhang Tianyi: from the media play to do rice shop

I always believe that

is a sink to the bottom of the catering industry, do not sink to the bottom is the fly is not heaven.

oral / V Niu Tang CEO Zhang Tianyi

finishing / reporter Shi Haiwei

in April this year, "my master’s degree, why sell rice flour" this article began circulating on the internet. That’s me in the middle of the night when the powder was really feeling, to tears fall. Maybe I can understand now, but I really can’t figure it out. Always feel that some workers go to bed early, I am still here? Then it is a nose acid, write the article. >

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