The ideal grassroots webmaster can withstand years of hone

The ideal grassroots webmaster can withstand years of hone

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can see me this article should be 90% of the webmaster friends, because I often write some webmaster things, a lot of friends and I discuss with my grassroots webmaster those bitter forced days. Here is not in the declaration of some of the negative energy, just want to open their hearts and tell you that grassroots webmaster is not easy.

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1 grassroots webmaster are motivated. The webmaster is not easy, especially the grassroots, every day to the search engine grab a good ranking, and is tireless, do their own business. Even if the search engine K, have to rally, continue to climb up ahead.

2 grassroots webmaster are comprehensive talents. I have been in the < < four years experience about the grassroots webmaster that is not easy to > > said: "a grassroots webmaster, do a web page, when the editor, engage in SEO, understand the site operation and maintenance. It can be said that the Internet is a rare comprehensive talent".

3 grassroots webmaster are ideal. No ideal, no idea, they will not insist on doing the above two points.

4 grassroots webmaster are house. Every day is the cause of their own computer, home at home, do not worry about going out to find a girl.

I don’t know if you agree with the above four points, but I did it. What are the women waiting for for four years?.

I and most of the webmaster are the same, have their own dreams, dreams of their own website every day IP break million, in fact, honest, IP broken million is not important, just want to break the million income per day. But those independent website every day income over the grassroots webmaster and how many webmaster have been to the Moonlight blog, moonlight can be said to be the most independent blog in the most professional, the best, the highest income. He did the first independent Internet blog industry. But throw out the server fees and other expenses, advertising income, I do not want to be sure that China’s first revenue collection waste industry. Of course, this is not to say that the moon is not good, Moonlight blog is a blog I respect.


years of baptism, the original site of the passion, may be a blow away, of course there are a lot of friends insist. For their own dreams, really do it, adhere to the afternoon. And I have done a lot of sites within four years, mostly due to various reasons and died halfway. If you stick to it, you may have broken out of their own piece of heaven and earth.

has the ideal is very important, for the ideal to adhere to the determination of struggle is more important. I hope that the same as the grassroots webmaster, I can stick to their cause to do it, and harvest. After years of honed, honed out of the people, is ready to succeed.

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