dug up a corner Wangzhuan great treasures limited power hope to help a friend

dug up a corner Wangzhuan great treasures limited power hope to help a friend

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07 registered in early ahjy.com.cn (Anhui Education) these two domain names. Originally wanted to register jsjy (Jiangsu Education), Jiangsu is a major economic province, the province’s education portal to do, certainly engage in some, but unfortunately all registered, had to register in Anhui.

worked hard for several months on the easy system, and finally looked like a website. Unfortunately, the flow has been not so much, but also hard to study SEO, think about the SEO is so simple ah. A pile of key words, the ranking came. After the college entrance examination, the flow of dally up ah. Once this is a cheat because the traffic is too big, too pushy, is a special unit of interviews (non social units), Khan ~!


at that time has been the research stage, not put too much money.

to 08 years because of the reasons for the work, very few take care of my site, the flow will not work. Coupled with the use of space for more than half a month, Baidu included down to dozens of articles, PR also dropped to 2, GG included fortunately, is the flow of GG can not see, see too sad.

recently changed a space, at the same time to study SEO, favorite station is Admin5, every day to see. Now Baidu search Anhui education network above me is the website of the Anhui Provincial Department of education, Anhui education information network, the Anhui Department of education website squeezed down. But now Baidu included more strict, included a few have been on the go, but I still have a lot of confidence.

currently has a lot of money to make ideas, not limited to GGAD and the like. Because I am doing education, on the use of educational websites to make money, I still have a lot of ideas. Last year a single week earned 12000 (no exaggeration, lie to you as you have to stick with it curse) can certainly do four or five single, because friends do, Xi’an busy for a month in the opportunity. Most of this year, I am now the most distressing is now not always go on the flow, although some understanding of the promotion of the method, but always not the system.

wants to promote a network of predecessors, can also exchange Wangzhuan experience, generous with your criticism, I will sincerely share my resources, experience.

writing, you read here has been very easy, to thank you for your concern, thank Admin5, thank you all for TV, see this article friends to provide some free promotion services, such as exchange links, generation of publishing education related information, text, school enrollment, website advertising etc.. Although my site traffic is not great, ha ha.

need to communicate with friends please add my QQ:80966313.

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