The three stage to the first several Wangzhuan you

The three stage to the first several Wangzhuan you

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reality in the development of the three stage, the general reality of entrepreneurship, have to go through the three phase.

1 working stage

general venture, we have to go through this stage, after graduation, or go to the company to work, or to cooperate with others some small business, this stage generally have to continue for more than a year’s time.

2 store stage

from the company’s resignation or broken partnership with a friend, and then open a shop, or do some small traders hands down two business, this time lasts a long time, need 1-3 years.

3 phase

then slowly accumulated some experience, finally opened the company, has been developed from the first stage to the third stage, generally require 3-5 years, More haste, less speed., few people from the company out, immediately opened up the development of the company.

network development three stage

1 pure online advertising phase

The characteristics of this stage is to use the

flow to do some advertising alliance advertising to profit, such as SMS alliance, alliance, alliance, click on the pop-up, kiss Xingmin promotion, download, common terminal is advertising page or dump.

2 rely on the network to sell product stage

this stage, is the reality of the product or the agent’s own products, and then rely on their own understanding of network traffic and network links to the extent of product sales on the network.

3 regular stage

normal station, is not to say that the website is the formal meaning, regular station is compared to the previous two stage, what is the normal station? Is through their years of experience in network, gropes for a new form of website, can have their own unique customer oriented style and readability.

first phase of profit is the core of the flow of skills. The core of the second stage is to rely on their own products and product monopoly. The third stage of the core is to look at the influence of the network and financial security.

from the first phase to the second phase of the need for more than 1 years, because of the need to have a basic understanding of network traffic, etc.. From the second to the third phase of the need for more than 1 years, so from the beginning of the network to have their own regular stations, the need for 3-5 years, haste is less than.

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