Two years of entrepreneurship to do outdoor travel O2O mobile social electricity supplier or subvert

Two years of entrepreneurship to do outdoor travel O2O mobile social electricity supplier or subvert

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introduction outdoor tourism is a lot of people keen to relax close to the natural way, outdoor tourism O2O mobile social networking to provide a more convenient way to travel to the public. Today, let us listen to the love of Shenzhen electricity supplier Co., Ltd. founder Nie Zhaoxuan entrepreneurial road, listen to him to share the outdoor travel O2O social electricity supplier how to subvert the traditional tourism industry.


a few days ago, see an old man, he told me that several former friends asked him in WeChat, laonie in recent years doing? For a long time no news of him, oh, too, look at the WeChat, micro-blog, for a long time not to update, used to write something for a long time without writing. Today quite interested in talking about the two years of their own business, I put him into 5 stages:

first stage: 2 minutes, get angel investment

people have been born in the world and in the wandering, the two years can also be regarded as a process of their accession to the wto. Remember wrote an article about "O2O industry profit model and future development" through the rise and fall of group purchase website in 2011, at that time also caused a lot of attention when the industry, at the beginning of the study of O2O electronic commerce, electricity supplier in the field of physical electricity supplier progress has been relatively mature, competition is very fierce, I personally think that the biggest future the opportunity in the field of life services, and at that time, group purchase is one of the most mature O2O mode, however, only a single group purchase low price model, it is difficult to support the development of an industry. Since it is a certain need to idle away in seeking pleasure, social closely, establish real social relationships once consumers through the line, the consumption of natural is to go with the flow.

in January last year, a chance to go to Guiyang, see a high school classmate for many years, he did a very successful business in the traditional industry. Meet the rare, inevitably eat a satiated, go to the water, we had 21 rooms.

"what have you been up to lately? Have you ever thought about doing something yourself?" he asked me.

is trying to engage in mobile social e-commerce……" I haven’t finished my words.

"I don’t understand what you said. How much does it cost to start up? 1 million?"……" "So, give you 2 million, how do you see?".

I think is not too much, "you’re sober……".

things like this in the past, and later did not say this thing, playing in Guiyang for a few days back to Shenzhen, did not think so much. A few days later, the students gave me a phone call, asked me to the bank account, said the first turn over 500 thousand, I said you really come ah, he said I believe you, the loss is not a matter of how you want to engage in, you grasp……

the first angel investment, it is so, with a dream, before and after a few

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