How to make money with CPS ads

How to make money with CPS ads

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is now a variety of websites and blogs to make money in many ways, Chinese webmaster mostly to advertising as the main way of profit, but a lot of friends website or blog what, because there are no traffic, so the advertising effect is not good, even the hard domain space investment does not come back to earn, so here to talk about how to use a knife CPS advertising to make money, even if your website or blog not much traffic flow.

first we look at what the definition of CPS advertising.

CPS (Cost Per Sales): the actual number of products sold to convert the amount of advertising published. That is, according to the order of each order / transaction charges. Each successful user to achieve a transaction, the site owner can get commission.

CPS advertising is a type of advertising that leads to the consumption of the site’s users.

many of my friends all know that CPS advertising is going on, but most people choose love Click and pop category of advertising, because of the webmaster, effective immediately, it is best that day will be able to see the money is the best, so it is caused by the current spread of domestic advertising cheating environment. The CPS advertising to the actual transaction to get commission income, if there is no right way, just put it, the effect is very bad, so few people will choose it.

In fact,

CPS advertising in foreign countries have another name: Affiliate (joint marketing plan), in the developed areas of the Internet advertising alliance, CPS type of advertising has become the most important form of advertising. Especially with the impact of the current financial crisis, many companies began to tighten the advertising budget. In the type of advertising, CPS is the most appropriate, there is an effect to pay, in the face of advertisers selling pressure is not great. So CPS this effect by paying the way advertisers will become the best choice for advertisers, and now some of the larger advertising alliance also put CPS as a key to the development of. For example, a little more well-known Ali mother, the results of the network, foreign CB, CJ and so on

a lot of webmasters may have tried to put in CPS advertising, but the delay can not see the effect, so had to replace other ads. Why the effect is not good. Here is an example of a knife, your website is a movie site, and you put the CPS advertising is to guide others to buy watches. Do you think there may be someone in your website who needs to buy a watch?. May have tens of thousands of traffic on your site, but also may not have a conversion. And the same guide to buy a watch ad, I put on a only 100 IP watch related theme blog, the conversion effect will be higher than your IP movie website 10 thousand

because of the advantages of CPS advertising revenue is not constrained by the flow of advertising, that is, small sites can also make a lot of money. Sometimes, 100ip site than you 10 thousand IP website also >

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