Borrow money from business counter attack with usury

Borrow money from business counter attack with usury

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from Daba Mountain in Shenzhen Yang Dingping wanted to realize their "emancipated dream", without the support of VC, through the network borrowing his snowball getting bigger, this business model can stand the test of




| and Yi Rong

Yang Dingping thin stature, wearing a pair of black glasses, looks elegant. He is on the net loan platform Hongling venture and soso loan is called "Yang" reds, many fans. Every time he made money, the total shock, often was berserk. "Up to now, I borrowed almost 15 million on the Internet, the repayment has never been overdue, even if it is sometimes difficult to cash flow, I also borrow money." He said.

rely on the network loans, Yang Dingping’s heyday of Furniture Co., Ltd. hung in the home opened 18 stores last year, sales reached $47 million. Now, he put the loan into a search Yulong venture, intends to use this platform to help more and more like the original spirit Hongya furniture enterprises like.

lost 1 million

The first gold

Yang Dingping, from a straightforward Thailand customer. He made 200 thousand from the client. It was 2005, and he had been in Shenzhen for five years.

Shenzhen for the only primary school education of Yang Dingping is not a paradise. He sold his own kind of letinous edodes, sold the ladder of English teaching materials, opened the housing agency, the poorest when using white boiled letinous edodes to eat, not even salt. Later, he entered a Chinese classical furniture company. This company for more than a year after the collapse, but Yang Dingping but then and then indissoluble bound mahogany furniture.


was winding up, Yang Dingping was asked to help sell the rest of the furniture. Yang Dingping took a Thailand customer to the company to see the goods, the customer immediately sent him over 400 thousand payment.

"Wow, that’s a lot of money!" Yang Dingping thought for a moment that he was going to run away with the money. He did not run away, but the time of delivery is the trick, looking for manufacturers of furniture, to the guests, to earn money back in his pocket. "Perhaps the first pot of gold are not so many people work in just ways," Yang Dingping said, "when a man has no money, really want money."

that year, he went to Shenzhen five years after the first home. He took a letinous edodes owed a debt to the creditor from home, every time I think parents Dun scene, always in a cold sweat.

seventy or eighty year old parents, in the years after Yang Dingping left, all white hair.

Yang Dingping paid off all his debts. "Now, I basically three or four months time to go back home, and parents live together for a few days." He said.

Yang Dingping would like to set up shop selling classical furniture, just hit the collapse of the furniture company

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