The gold stand binding of higher operation instance of my marketing needs

The gold stand binding of higher operation instance of my marketing needs

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look at the title may not understand what it means, do not worry, I have a few times below the operating experience of the operation of the operating ideas, processes and key points:

1, host referrals – starting from the novice station

we all know that it will be difficult to host the old host other suppliers pull over here is a very difficult thing, the transfer of the server, which is related to the rankings, weight. If the site visit is not what big problem, in general, the webmaster is not transferred, even if the price is much cheaper. So, we have to seek new resources, novice Adsense is undoubtedly the first choice. And how to get over the novice webmaster? I am accustomed to starting from the demand.

a, in my site, I opened a new site

B, the new site in the column, I wrote a set of recommendations based on the host of the tutorial, for the novice host how to use the host I recommend to build the tutorial. Here, let the novice and I would like to recommend the host firmly tied together.

C, I wrote two versions of the tutorial: a fool version, not its bottom, but just follow the steps down, everyone can build. Two is an extension of the version, the basic types of all the more representative of the site I have done a tutorial, and for some of its details to expand. However, these two versions of the tutorial are based on the host I recommend.

why do I have to write two versions of the tutorial?

fool tutorial, some conceptual issues I have not explained. But the advantage of my tutorial is that you can complete a web site in accordance with the tutorials I wrote. I look at the current online Baidu Google out of the 20 novice tutorial site, are split open, do not have continuity. And the most important thing is that as a person who writes a course or as a teacher, a very common mistake will inadvertently ignore what you think will happen to everyone. I finished this tutorial, I called my mother and sister are in accordance with the tutorial to do a website. My mom and sister just have basic knowledge of the internet. I will encounter some of the problems encountered in the course of their site, and then add tutorial. Repeated experiments, continuous improvement.

fool tutorial purpose is to let you cannot do without me, out of the host I promote the course based on what I have written, you go to buy someone else’s host, in my tutorial you cannot be built station, and give up my tutorial you could not. The purpose of the extended version of the tutorial is the potential value of marketing. After the novice webmaster can independently build a website, they urgently need is to continue to learn new knowledge. And I’m writing an extended tutorial based on this.

I have introduced more than one host, so I have done a lot of novice tutorial site, for the novice tutorial tutorial in this regard I think it is quite a bit of experience. Once there is a host asked me how my conversion rate is so high, I directly to the novice station tutorial sent him to see, he returned to me >

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