Five death tree internal entrepreneurial good shade dependence

Five death tree internal entrepreneurial good shade dependence

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Two days ago

everyone’s windmill net CEO Chen Xiaofeng issued a document summarizes internal entrepreneurial failure experiences, is really worth pondering: all internal entrepreneurial team, there is more emphasis on entrepreneurial project failure related to the environment, the problem between the entrepreneurial team and the boss’s interests and vision as a starting point, but less about entrepreneurial team the problem of its own. Xiaobian summed up a bit, there are several internal entrepreneurship dead law:

before talking about internal entrepreneurship must clear the concept, the so-called internal entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intention refers to the number of employees in support of the enterprises, corporate internal business or for some projects, and share the results with the enterprise business model.

1) their own problems: team members uneven strength, huaiguitai

some of the company’s internal business projects are outstanding members, there are fish in troubled waters, some of the company’s internal venture is playing the last garbage workers. The so-called mouseexcrement bad pot of soup, a member of the quality determines the future development of the project, if it is garbage kicked over how to talk about ideas, what about development? For some fish in troubled waters people, did not think seriously officer, just want to perfunctory leadership, flattery, so, this venture project is defeated in the starting point.

2) their own problems — cannot form the mentality of

throw the helve after the hatchet

in start-up companies, several partners to carry out the partnership, depending on their ability to eat, do you, no money, you may also lose money, so everyone will do their best to do every thing, whether it is feasible, in large companies, many people will think: do not good company a big deal, do not do this project, to do another, take the usual wage. Here is the thought, poineering company is like a rabbit, the internal venture is like a lion, why a lion often can’t catch a rabbit, because for you, just lunch, and for rabbit, is the whole life.

can not be formed in the implementation of throw the helve after the hatchet mentality, in the process will be magnified, and finally we have not paid much attention to this project, therefore, will muddle along, lost.

3) their problems — think of the great advantage of the shade trees on

company before carrying out internal business projects, will conduct a feasibility analysis, this business is very attractive, why not others do or others do? Why can we do? Where we are? Some problems, then the answer to all cannot do without a theme, my brother standing on the shoulders of giants, I have some resources, capital, technology, I have a lot of advantage.

of course, this is indeed an advantage, WeChat’s success has proved this point, but I would like to say is that there are a number of internal projects because of dependence and die, like my dad is Li Gang, I do

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