Hong Kong people to the North Entrepreneurs the mainland needs to quit the most proud of the opportu

Hong Kong people to the North Entrepreneurs the mainland needs to quit the most proud of the opportu

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for Li Zongxin, the key to the success of its listing may not be how much of his agent products, but the role of the completion of the conversion, no longer dislocation.


According to the "twenty-first Century

" business review, Li Zongxin, Hongkong, 25 years old, who was young but has the forehead hair, the result is he created Shengsi network in May 29th successfully listed in Canada, successfully haunting "light ring president" the young of listed companies.

In an interview with

, Li Zongxin’s speech often mixed with modern network vocabulary, but the body that smart and mature and over the age of 25 he in extreme contrast, it is easy to think of a word: dislocation. The dislocation is filled with the first half of Li Zongxin’s career: students, leadership, technology, and communication…… Hongkong people, the mainland, the latter once let Li Zongxin’s entrepreneurial career almost died.


Li Zongxin survived, but now he is sitting on a net worth of 700 million, easily controls the "merchant" role, looking back, Li Zongxin said: "the mainland inexplicable opportunities, but one of the people of Hongkong to start, need to quit, is proud."

dislocation, then chaos

into the new century, the domestic Internet industry spent from scratch, ups and downs of the ten years. In the meantime, the opportunity and the bubble together, Li Zongxin among the floating. In early 2002, he made his first personal website – Xuan city, less than half the time, the daily traffic to the site has over 10000, in one of Hongkong’s personal website, which makes Li Zongxin feel that the Internet can not only bring him pleasure, or a sustainable business. Two years later, Li Zongxin has made the most of the size of the Hong Kong Community Network — a new fantasy plot, movies and books to share as a selling point, the highest one week advertising revenue will reach $300 thousand.


revenue but let Li Zongxin suffered: the website domain name and server are provided by an investor, Li Zongxin is only responsible for the contents of the building, the two sides gradually divided into disagreement, from the initial 55 to the final 28, Li Zongxin finally unbearable "bully", and the other part company each going his own way and he recalled: "at that time. Can not find investment, nor what the law consciousness, disband is inevitable."

"300 thousand dollars" to Li Zongxin’s "The imprint is engraved on my heart". At the age of 16, he was still in school, he founded his first company in his family name: Hongkong set up a new power network Co., Ltd., the main business includes portals (advertising) and a number of other projects, such as web design. Members of the company more than two people, the full control of production and sales. Li Zongxin daily after school at home near the computer out of business and technology, exemplary Indoorsman.

18 years old, that is, in 2005, Li Zongxin noted that the mainland is a big era of the Internet industry – Chinese Internet users exceeded 100 million, >

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