Business in 2013 to become the largest T circle is the trend

Business in 2013 to become the largest T circle is the trend

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in addition to Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other first-class IT acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions in 2013, the Internet and mobile Internet business for the hottest. Among them, the pace of entrepreneurs has moved beyond the IT circle, extended to the "fruit" and "industry, including Clay oven rolls" a friend of mine, but also by the Java Engineer to make captain decoration. Perhaps, programmers and engineers are selling Clay oven rolls, fruit is an exception, the IT of the circle business news can be heard without end.

yesterday and a few younger generation chat, they also found in "secretly" entrepreneurial team, do their own projects. With admiration, at the same time, will also arise spontaneously repentance ashamed. I want to mix 7 years in IT circle, many business ideas, but has not really implemented, unexpectedly, the brothers are just dare to go, can not help but sigh: the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, Jiangshan more out of talent, the new generation for the old people.

sigh, on entrepreneurship, I also put forward some of my ideas and insights, I hope to help the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Internet entrepreneurial success rate may be only 1%


is now the gold rush of the IT circle of business surge, who felt able to wash the gold. Can say, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, Internet business failure rate is very high, but because of the domestic Internet users paying habits have not yet formed, the China Internet business failure rate is higher. A lot of new projects in 2012, less than half of the baptism of the market, have disappeared, including once a fast, with the most raise a Babel of criticism of the project, also disappeared. A group of a group of pioneers have shown that Internet business risks, to be cautious.

practice is better than theory, action is better than fantasy

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs, they found that too much from the words with no reality whatever, to do so. The failure of the reason why many Internet projects, no more accurately, not down to earth, no channel, not good at operating for several reasons. IT circle of entrepreneurs to learn from the doer who traditional industries, "I only speak the mode of the one and only" good "products" and "how many users will use this kind of" it doesn’t matter what, these sleight of hand and once harm a lot of entrepreneurial ideas.


group is better than the Internet to the mobile Internet


, a gang of three men, Internet entrepreneurs still cannot do without single-handed team, it is difficult to make a difference. The IT project is not selling pancakes, a kiosk can sell. Even if a simple IT project, often need to design, program development and editing operations, it is not a single person can pick up. If you can find a reliable partner, each one, it is easy to succeed. Another, grassroots entrepreneurs, Internet projects are relatively simple to do some, but also some mature, high success rate. In addition to the mobile Internet can pull the investment, it is difficult to break the grassroots, and occasionally break >

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