The solution _ personal recommendation PN code not received

The solution _ personal recommendation PN code not received

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Google PIN confirmed by ordinary mail advertisement publisher address, convenient check the form of advertising revenue to pay, this is a good mechanism, can of course.


problem is due to various reasons, many owners are still unable to get through this channel PIN code, and some even repeat 3-7 times, delayed more than 3-6 months have not received a personal webmaster. From the point of view, it seems to be a $100, $200 in small numbers, but China now has 1 million 500 thousand a website, 120 million of Internet users, if you do not receive the number of webmaster PIN to 10%, that is 150 thousand per station site, $100, $15 million, about 112 million 500 thousand yuan, this number for China webmaster group, which is a lot of debt, its annual interest rate is 4 million. How to face the huge debt GOOGLE must find ways to pay, effectiveness, and guarantee payment of the fairness, timeliness of.

but now, Google payment is still not very good on this issue with ALI and her mother is still a certain gap, the increase of GOOGLE to solve the problem of a Western Union remittance action, but PIN code, obvious to people, is now an urgent need to resolve the problem of GOOGLE.

why can’t receive PIN code?

can be attributed to the domestic postal system? GOOGLE PIN code to Chinese by air mail, and then distributed by China postal system across the country to the station. But this is not ordinary sign and not available, so prone to miscarriage caused by letters and loss problems in the transfer process from this level. Look, the webmaster can not receive the letter, I am afraid that it is not sound Chinese of the postal system, but the fact is true?

mail not received, why not use up many webmaster express mail and registered mail? The webmaster can always check the delivery of letters, the problem can be held responsible person liability, this will be the emergence of a large number of webmaster PIN code not received, $15 million, about 112 million 500 thousand yuan of advertising revenue is not the webmaster can greatly reduce the


GOOGLE is a past by ordinary mail PIN code, not a drill China postal system loopholes malicious default webmaster to receive 112 million 500 thousand of the advertising costs, bank interest and misappropriation of investment too


visible stationmaster income is less than PIN, GOOGLE is a great responsibility, not entirely to blame Chinese of the postal system. At the same time the station first proposed PIN code to Chinese, again in the local package to the postal delivery, such as various proposals, Google is not the action, it will be returned the huge advertising costs to the webmaster.

at the same time, GOOGLE 6 months can not receive the input PIN code, the income of the advertising publisher will be canceled terms, it is difficult to make the majority of webmasters to accept the terms of the king

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