How to adjust the position of advertising to increase the click rate

How to adjust the position of advertising to increase the click rate

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as a webmaster, especially to rush through the alliance advertising to make money for the owners, CTR is also ashamed to say, so a few percent hit rate is not always satisfactory; so, what method can quickly improve the CTR? Is not only the advertising alliance, many owners also hope to the station content to find a good position, have what method can find out where is the gold position, the simple to talk about how to adjust the position of advertisement.

first, we recommend that you try to use the content to do the test, do a test page for advertising effects, do not directly adjust the alliance advertising, if advertising rates vary greatly, may bring unpredictable consequences. After the test will be adjusted to the appropriate position of the union advertising, so the effect will be more ideal.

in fact, this method is not how profound, as long as you understand the code, a little understanding of Baidu statistics, then it will be able to easily adjust the position of advertising. If you are not, then look at other articles,


is the first to look at the site’s user behavior through Baidu thermal maps or Google thermodynamic diagram. In simple terms, the thermal map is a user clicks on the map, you can easily see from the chart where the click rate is relatively high, where the click rate is relatively low, so that we can roughly draw where advertising will get more attention. As shown below:


if you just look at the thermodynamic diagram, it is hard to see friends because of the content, or because of habit, or click here for other reasons; because many users see advertising will feel not related to find their own content, it will give up on. If you want to determine the true click rate of advertising, you can also continue to use the following methods.

The next

method is also very simple, because we have said to use the test page, like you want to bring the domain name statistical test page flow test links on this page can add? this code to test the page with statistics icon, statistical results, thus you can get the test page view antecedents, number by entering Of course, if it is directly linked to the ad, you can directly see the results in the background, not so complicated.

In fact,

, there is a relatively simple way, this is what I see on a shopping site. Now there is a shortened link to the site, you enter a link, this site will give you a shorter link; now the micro-blog can achieve link shortening, but it will not count the number of links. This shortened link to the site to achieve such a function, as long as you registered members, you can get the number of points to shorten the link. Replace your test page link with a shortened link, so you can easily track the number of points.

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