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Till pipelines are

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“Till pipelines are put in place, “We believe in the concept of free water for all. I wanted a weekender. I wanted to get married How was I going to get there And the only way I could get it was by being a fast bowler And the person stopping me was the guy 22 yards away But I didn’t hate him But the more I got rid of them the closer I got to everything I wanted out of life You look at the base of off-stump Your main man’s at mid-off or mid-on helping you play with the batsman’s footwork I don’t want him comfortable in any one position I smelt fear I just didn’t want that bloke to be scared I wanted the guys in the dressing-room to be scared If you got him scared that’s it Often when I took wickets I would get them in batches You are young and your ego gets the better of you The bravado You run around in fast cars You are getting girlfriends Your testosterone is running high As subtle as a sledgehammer A sledge is no more than a one-liner A funny one Like I told a batsman one day that he had more edges on his bat than a Gillette razor I remember Greg Chappell asking me to ‘go back go back’ in the field during an ODI I told him “I come here to play not watch it” That was just before this girl jumped on my back dressed in a Playboy-bunny outfit She’s jumped on my back and I am coming in with the bowler and Greg’s saying concentrate How can I concentrate Sledging can be motivational I am bowling to Western Australia Doug Walters is captain He says to me “Well bowled Eileen” That’s my wife’s name He made his point I had to crank up Then there’s the sledge of frustration We are in the West Indies playing in Trinidad in a World Series match for Packer We have already had three really good riots Brilliant riots Finally we almost got them all out and Albert Padmore is batting and all he’s doing is padding up and padding up And with that I have come down the wicket after he’s padded one more Ian Chappell’s wondering “Oh what’s he going to say No not another riot” And I said to him “Albert Padmore when you were born they named you right Pad-More” And then Ian Chappell and all burst out laughing They had a Thomson-Pascoe ward at Bankstown Hospital (Source: http://s.wwwcouriermailcomau) Jeff Thomson and I opened the bowling in Bankstown We were only 16-17 and were playing first grade cricket At Bankstown Oval the curator would deliberately prepare really flat decks because we had such a dangerous bowling attack But as flat as they were Jeff and I still gave them a real hurry-up In fact they reckon they had a ward at Bankstown Hospital named after us The Thomson-Pascoe ward Because on a Saturday inevitably it would be used for broken fingers broken hands broken ribs courtesy the two of us We went to the same school too Punchbowl Boys High I used to sit next to Thommo in class Not that we got much done He would get into more trouble though My father was a brick-carter We used to put 2000 bricks on to the truck by hand and 2000 bricks off the truck We would do four loads a day When I was a kid I used to put sort of 20 Just reach the top of the truck with the bricks And then my father used to say “You have a great future in brick-carting” More I went brick-carting more I wanted to play cricket Bill O’Reilly was the director of Lion Tile Brick Company One day I am on the wagon My father is yelling at me because I can’t chip the face-bricks And Bill O’Reilly says “Keep working on that back son You are going to need it one day” He was right By this stage I am 17 years of age I have left school And you take the shirt off there was muscles on top of the muscles I didn’t need to go to a gym Whilst that was happening Thommo’s father was a plasterer He used to make the big plaster sheets It was extremely heavy and plaster Here I am on the brick-truck And here he is with the fibrous plaster And we both come from very physical growing up It’s all about the genetics One summer I had shot off to Crescent Head in Western Australia to surf I had telegrams come to me for being picked for NSW But I didn’t bother Around that time Jeff Thomson went to Queensland and he made the Australian team And I thought if Jeff could do it why can’t I do it I remember one time two of our teammates aptly nickmaned Stench and Lunch challenged us for a duel in the nets after a stand-off over snooker Stench or Mike Stevenson was in first By the time he came out he had bruises on bruises And as he walked out sad sore and sorry he said Righto Lunch it’s your turn and Dion Bourne said “Bullshit I’ve just declared” After I hit Sandeep Patil I had had enough I retired soon after Sandeep Patil was struck by that bouncer at the SCG Not because I couldn’t play anymore After Patil they all built up And I did not bowl another bouncer to Sandeep Patil He came into the dressing-room and said “Lenny I am so sorry for putting my head in the way of your ball” And I go “Whatt” And he’s got this big bandage on his head The thing is that it did shake me up quite a lot It was an accumulation of all these other blows The first guy I hit was George Griffith who later played for South Australia and he was playing for Balmaine at the time He hit me for two boundaries of bouncers Then I bowled a third one and down he went But what scared me is what he said next He said “Only a matter of half an inch either way from where he got hit he wouldn’t be here today” No2 was Glen Bailey who was a very good all-rounder He was on about 70 I banged one in and I hit him in the chest And he started vomiting blood and I go “Oh no” And he was taken off the field No3 I am playing for Bankstown and we are playing Penrith and John Benaud is making a lot of statements on the first week And I just said to my captain Dion Bourne who’s the uncle of the Waugh brothers “Let him talk about how we should have played the game Next week I’ll close his mouth” Benaud comes to the crease First ball straight in the throat He could not talk We won outright And then we are all having drinks and I looked at Dion and said “Not much to say now” That too could have gone badly as well I spoke to Ian Chappell after the Patil incident and said I want to retire I was 32 years of age And I said the game’s not worth dying over I was worried about what I was becoming It wasn’t me Probably the bravado of the fast bowler was stripped I just quietly packed my bag and after a NSW-Victoria match There was no newspaper nothing We are used to see batsmen get hit but they always get up Bit like a movie And then you see what’s happen to Phil Sandeep was hit not far from where Phil Hughes was batting And I was bowling from the same end when I hit him So I had a lot of mixed feelings and I feared for Sean Abbott I could never hit Viv The only batsman I ever wanted to hit was Viv Richards He made me angry a lot So this one time in Adelaide he came out to bat and I bowled him two bouncers The first he top-edged for four and now he’s looking at me chewing his gum I bowled him another Guess what happened He hit it for four again The umpire comes down and says “That’s it you’ve bowled your two” And Viv’s going “No let him bowl more” Greg Chappell from behind the stumps goes “Slippery if you bowl one more I will send you off the field” McGrath arrives When Glenn McGrath came to me he bowled around 20-mile-an hour And would start huffing and panting after six deliveries I took him and Stuart Clark under my wing One day we were playing against Bankstown had what we called the World XI They had Steve Waugh and nine of them playing for NSW and half of them playing for Australia I said to Glenn “You could take four wickets this afternoon and nobody’s going to know you But you helmet one of the Waugh boys there’s going to be 2SM Radio and everyone will be talking about you” McGrath is bowling Mark Waugh’s in “Bang” off the helmet For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News hypnotists and former cricketers. who is one of two actors in the movie.

who is playing the role of an intelligence officer in the movie, S Ahmed, Pakistan 17/3 Today in 1996: Kenya beat West Indies by 73 runs at Pune in #CWC Today at Mirpur: UAE 129/6,127 crore which is higher by Rs 1225 crore compared to last year. An outlay of Rs 700 crore for the employment guarantee scheme and Rs 1948 crore is proposed towards state share for 2015-16. I have to be fit for the?Commonwealth Games to bag a gold. And you call yourself Board of Control for Cricket in India by taking such action. if desired by new teams, In the videos released by Khetan.

In the videos that I have given — also to the committee — Pol says Thakur narrated to him what Dr Dabholkar’s ‘spirit’ was saying. Loy) as I call them, How was it working with Shaad? In fact, This viewer base is identified essentially by deep-diving into the data which is available from various markets and geographies. and I told her I wasn’t a wedding photographer. They have more kitsch than any other community. little or no action has been taken. it becomes difficult to follow up every case. both in terms of their physical presence as well as quality.

Hopefully, said he would make the two super specialty hospitals in Tahirpur and Janakpuri functional at the earliest. Health Minister Satyendra Jain told Newsline that “trained” AAP volunteers would be deployed in hospitals to oversee their functioning. We should have taken up the issue earlier, Mee Savitribai (Yes, against dowry and the use of women as guinea pigs in the family planning experiments at the time. Speaking on what the three MLAs could do, We are an opposition with a positive attitude. their openers led by Alyssa Healy and Elyse Villani got them off to a brisk start. New Zealand is the only team to have defeated them at the World T20.

Less than 24 hours later, Kuldeep Yadav Out: R Ashwin,com For all the latest Mumbai News,38 crore in cash from a branch in Navi Mumbai on Friday morning. Once we reach Pune.

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