Lei Jun a dream is a simple matter to see if it can be put into practice

Lei Jun a dream is a simple matter to see if it can be put into practice

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founder and CEO Lei Jun millet technology

TechWeb reported on November 25th news, millet technology founder and CEO Lei Jun talked about the dream, he said in a speech at Peking University, "a dream is a simple matter, the key is to have a dream, you can put into practice, how to practice."

himself as an example, Lei Jun said, "I was 40 years old when I was 18 years old, did not forget the dream, I try. Although I know that today’s millet is too early to say, it is too early to talk about beating apple, but the dream is always there, in case it achieved?

"dream is the first step to success, after the first step, you must be prepared for their own dream of a solid foundation. The last word is very famous, it is called "when the typhoon comes, pigs can fly.". In fact, this expression of two layers of meaning, first, there is no solid basic skills, there is no hard work is not successful. Second, with diligence, with a solid foundation, but also not necessarily be successful, but also need air outlet, grasp the development opportunities, seize the opportunity to have the opportunity to succeed." Lei Jun said.

According to Lei Jun

, millet is millet to accurately grasp the opportunity to take the intelligent mobile phone replacement time, NOKIA can not, apple just up, millet came into being, with a set of new mode, in a short period of 3 years which became the first China. In fact, the overall growth rate is far beyond imagination, 3 years down, this year probably sold 65 million mobile phones, turnover of about 700-800 billion.

summed up his 20 years of work experience, Lei Jun put forward a suggestion for the classmate: first to have a dream, to set the target of second step by step to develop the stage goal, don’t worry; third, should pay attention to the importance of the opportunity. Lei Jun believes that some very smart students feel smart and diligence invincible, actually only intelligence and hard work is not enough, how to grasp the opportunity, how in the correct direction, it is also very important. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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