The first lesson and experience do Wangzhuan

The first lesson and experience do Wangzhuan

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since the beginning of the construction site within three or four months lost twenty thousand of their weight, nearly more than and 10, is really sad, make me embarrassed, this is the lost wife also folded, but as I do business have valuable experience, also absorbed many lessons.

I’d like to talk about it from the beginning:

I was born

programmers, since graduation has been engaged in the work of Java, most of the work is to do a web page, a full three years of work done. They do not have their own web site, like the computer will not play the game as funny, it is really a pity that their dream is to have their own website.

one day finally came to an end, the company’s performance is not good, sales have not been on the go, I put forward a company with my company to build a website for the company to sell special fares. The boss readily agreed. I will stay at home to do their own website, I think for a long time, the website should take what kind of a name, I saw seven poems, I will give your website named 365 beans in the main business network is less than eighty percent off special offer tickets. Start half a month is the main site content, I do promotion of a chance, let me unexpected results emerged, the daily orders 500 orders per day, online payment by at least more than and 30, most of the day can reach more than and 100 per ticket, to tell you I can get 10 yuan, everyone I also know the income, advertising costs each day there are more than and 100, the daily income can be. The daily traffic is very large, consulting a particularly large number of people, looking for me through the QQ, want to find me, find my phone, the start of the month so I am busy, frankly unexpected income, a large number of orders, I tread on air, they could not grasp, I often talk with me they blow me here and how good, I also ignore a lot of problems, if neglected to just say I’m busy. I am from 7 in the morning to the evening of 12, has been busy answering the phone, chat, and even have no time to eat, although so busy, but I have been very substantial. One month down my ears hurt terribly fatigued, I, the estimates are called take too much, 12 hours a day, I answer the phone at least six or seven hours online, often insomnia, when the pressure is too great, so many orders, so many customers waiting for solution no. January down I lost 10 pounds, but fortunately there are spiritual

power support, I feel a sense of accomplishment, I also blew them empty, special is a girl ha ha, ha ha, look at my weight loss effect is much better, I know the secret of weight loss.

in my time to immerse themselves in immensely proud, just started a sense of accomplishment, a problem of one. Customers pay money, no tickets, because it is much low special offer ticket booking ticket is not enough, people will give customers a refund, some customers do not want to, I need to explain, a refund is troublesome because money is not in my hands, is to the company’s account. I want to communicate back.

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