Lu Songsong what do you do to make money

Lu Songsong what do you do to make money

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actually do this blog in addition to looking for a job, there is a purpose, that is to tell my customers: please believe that I am a website. The blog is more affinity than building a website, so I made a blog. Who would have thought, blog development faster than I expected. If a site is developing too fast, it will inevitably produce a variety of problems, which is a big problem to make money.

I made a mistake

in the last year, that is, the establishment of an independent blog for more than half a year, there are a lot of friends asked me, "loose, your blog on what profit?". I think to be silly, "reserved", don’t you never put ads. Gradually, I found that I am not rich two generations is not charity, I need to rely on the blog to make money to feed themselves, can not rely on the construction site to make a single physical labor to make money, to broaden the channels to make money. So, put on the advertising alliance is my only choice.

the sooner the commercialization of the better

this is a mistake I made, I hope you learn a lesson. The website (blog) the earlier commercial better, if other users accustomed to free lunch for you to start making money will only be users that you site "stale" and "mercenary". Can make money website is a good website.

don’t be afraid to make money, don’t be afraid to let people say commercial flavor, only money can make a web site can develop continuously, let members enjoy better service, but the sooner the better to make money.

what do you do to make money


Alexa, PR, included are nonsense, personal websites can survive is victory, so don’t be picky eaters, profit model should be various, if not illegal, what money would try what, even has nothing to do with the theme of the site.

usually, website profit model and three kinds: one is the most common form of advertising, such as Google AdSense (but low price, brand advertising (labor) more money but not easy to find customers) is a value-added service; (you have material), such as: SEO, there is a service station; is the electronic commerce, buy and sell (the easiest way is to have a Taobao).

is at the center of

what is the premise to make money to do what do not deviate from the theme of their own, although the small boat U-turn, but not let you think: "group purchase" mode is very good today you will engage in group purchase network, micro-blog good tomorrow, you can engage in micro-blog. Use their skills to make money, with it as the center, is the core of Scientific Outlook on Development, we must always adhere to the unwavering. You re radiation to the surrounding skills outside the giro.

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