A grassroots rookie webmaster do stand 2 failed experience

A grassroots rookie webmaster do stand 2 failed experience

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station has been done for so long for others to do the station, is mainly to the enterprise website and promotion. In this line also made their own two websites, the empty do these 2 site failures.

The first site

do is for the domain name with their own name, personal blog, do the webmaster friends first website mostly personal independence blog (personal experience), because I was only used to do sales, and in the same company by sales for promotion, the company did not who knows the website of things, so these things can only rely on an individual way. Early know nothing that do domain name and space. At that time, it is cheaper to get a more than and 30 dollars a year on Taobao 100M Hongkong space, the domain name is also made on Taobao, it seems that is also the more than and 30. These are ready to go to get the site template drops, these are downloaded on the website drops, so the first independent blog was born. And then a day to update the article, OK also write some of their own work experience summary. This site’s ranking is also OK, one month after the PR update to 2 (I had to do for a few months or 1 PR Enterprise Station) when do the company attaches great importance to PR. Good times don’t last long, after a month, the space problem, ask them to call that space chant attack, a few days, waiting for a few days did not sound, the space was closed, was very angry, so do the first abortion. Then the summary of this station is not to covet cheap 1 years of more than and 30 dollars of space can be stabilized to go.

second web sites in August last year, because at the time of Baidu alliance is very interested, hung Alliance on the company’s website (keywords at all in the home), the first day hanging revenue of about 15 dollars, the enterprise is not a lot of traffic station. The problem has come, many of the ads on the alliance are the company’s competitors information, was later discovered by the manager, decisive fines, not to let the whole. So there is the idea of doing their own station, because there is the experience of the last so very cautious on the site space. Because you want to get the Baidu alliance, so I have to file for the record, do not understand this, and then consult the domain name registrar, NND also ran to their company to fill in the photo. Think or forget it, so far away. Later on in the Taobao bought a ready-made record of domain name, and then to find space, no pain no gain, I think we all of the company’s website is a company with the space, so we will use them, although expensive than Taobao, but stable. The preparation work began to consider doing on the site, the site to have a purpose, especially if you intend to do the union must take into account of traffic, it is intended to be the subject of Zhengzhou rent, alas, later found to do the word is really cheating. The pages are 58, go to the market, the people of the information on these sites. I didn’t think about it, so I started to get up. And then update daily articles, rental information couldn’t go to the original 58 and go to the market specifically looking for those just released personal information listings. And then opened a few columns on the website >

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