1 million advertising advertising week monthly purchase package

1 million advertising advertising week monthly purchase package

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now, against two large advertisers Tesco network (www.egou.com), journey network (www.qutu.com) jointly funded 1 million week, monthly advertising package to purchase in the billion, million advertising budget in November will be completed at the end of all procurement. Billion sales team is trying to negotiate with advertisers, there will be more and more advertisers to join, please look forward to.

this package, Zhou Baoyue advertising procurement, in favor of the book station, music station, web site, maternal and child station, digital station, IT information station, regional station, foreign language station, IT station, tourism website, etc.. If your site belongs to the above ads, will be more likely to get the favor of advertisers.

ad pricing to take the initiative to price the site owner, if you do not know how to price or in order to more easily sell your advertising, please contact the customer service consulting pricing, QQ:632361125

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