The new owners Wangzhuan small ads

The new owners Wangzhuan small ads

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watching the news, advertising, chat post at the same time, can earn money, a lot of people on the Internet every day around, really is a good thing. However, the depth of the Wangzhuan Li Xiang said, this seemingly no technical content of work, is made of hard money. Although it is also posted a small ad Li Xiang, but more people than stick electric pole, not only to avoid being knocked out of the network management, but also installed like advertising to attract users to click. Some of his peers, even can write words copious and fluent tips. In addition to the small ads posted on the Internet, doing questionnaire, help shop soliciting, these are now popular Wangzhuan has entered the era of intelligent human.

to make a small ad posted effect, Wangzhuan are consuming a lot of energy, not like some of the so-called "sit at home a cup of coffee can make money" Wangzhuan scam to say so easily, Wangzhuan is never myth.

rely on Baidu to make money to know people

and unmarried workers of the same age, in the university to do the work of Li Xiang at 5:30 every day to go home from work. After dinner to get into the room, take a few packets of potato chips do snacks, start a new round of work".

more than two years ago, still in graduate school, Li Xiang likes to bubble Baidu know, most of the time to answer questions to others, they will occasionally raise some questions about life. At the beginning he was very casual, interested to see the problem answer, then in order to save points and improve the grade, sometimes meditate every day breath answered dozens of questions in front of the computer. Because of the special interest in sports, he gradually became the answer in the classification of sports master. The site of the monthly list of large families, there are always his name, in the Baidu fans QQ group, his reputation has become louder.

chance to become a network marketing specialist

"was just a vanity, did not expect to become a part-time opportunity to make money," Li Xiang said, he knew a lot of crazy answer that Master, they do not get paid in the online answer, just love watching virtual gold and silver Cengceng rub to rise. But a chance, let him find that this little interest can earn money.

last summer’s high school classmates party, a just opened a badminton supplies online store, the students heard that Li Xiang is a know the people, to win over the Li Xiang do network marketing commissioner". The new boss said, such as he in a small personal website, if you do not spend money to big do PPC search engine — let users through the keyword can be found, it is difficult to win the click rate, it is more difficult to have people to register for shopping, so everywhere publish links to your web site. "But it’s not easy to get people to click on the links you make," the student told Li Xiang to use his reputation in Baidu to help him do soft advertising. He also agreed with Li Xiang, every month by Li Xiang to help him in Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall and other online interactive Q & a site issued 300 valid links, and he was to pay the $600 to $.

a person to play several roles, hard sell

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