16 points must buy website

16 points must buy website

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I have a friend who wants to invest in his own limited savings network. Not long ago, he asked me to discuss investment details. I suggest that he went to the site Trading Forum (the more well-known domestic website trading platform is admin5.com) to buy some good websites, and gave him some suggestions to buy the site.

two months later, he spent $44000 to buy the site, we have optimized these sites, in particular, the increase in the chain and link static, such as the work of. Now these sites to remove the monthly maintenance fee of $200, monthly profit of $5000. It’s really a very high return on investment. He will be able to recover the cost in 10 months! Ha ha, you can say that there are other projects can have such a high return on investment?

you may want to know my friends to buy a good site several suggestions, look down.

below is that a few suggestions, when buying a website.

1, always remember that you have to buy the site must be only need you to follow up the work of the site. This is the key to build your online industrial empire.

2, the use of the third party statistical services (such as traffic statistics and advertising earnings statistics), which allows you to identify the seller claims the site’s monthly traffic and monthly profit. If the seller does not agree with the statistical results, do not hesitate to stop the transaction.

3, when you see the other traffic statistics, please be sure to check each other’s antecedents. Now a lot of people to build a number of short-term large flow site to sell, they will be in Digg, StumbleUpon and other sites to recommend the article, leaving the link, and then get a large short-term flow. Note that these sites want to long-term operation of your site, you may not be a good business model. So, please view the website background, to see how much traffic from search engines. If more than 70% of traffic from a variety of search engines, then this is a good site.

4, if the seller does not put Google Adsense ads on its Web site, then make sure that he is not banned because of the use of Google Adsense instead of. A

site is not suitable for Google Adsense, you will buy it?

5, if he shows you the income (we mainly talk about the income of Google Adsense), make sure that his Adsense CTR is not very high. If CTR is high, make sure that there is no violation of Adsense policy on his website, such as advertising on the temptation to cover pictures, the other to induce users to click on advertising behavior.

6, the PR value of the site level can not explain the problem, please view the website chain, see trans quality of the website, look at these whether the chain with the station PR>

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