How to reduce the daily flow of new webmaster website should do

How to reduce the daily flow of new webmaster website should do

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had a more prosperous, more and more developed network, the website is more and more dense, various types of sites are not healthy are healthy. First of all, no matter what the specific site, we need to know is that the average daily flow of those sites. How to achieve the average daily flow of more than the average daily flow of poor and what is the reason? This is a new webmaster must face the matter, but also the new owners must learn. Analysis of these problems, we have to start from 4 aspects of the analysis, to find out the reasons for the obstacles to overcome traffic.

reason one: site type

throughout the site now, numerous types of search websites, business website, shopping website, forum website, movie website and software website, dating websites, educational websites, games and so on many websites, website content is rich and colorful, but whether all types of websites to attract people? Whether all types of the site can be daily traffic overflowing? Whether all the website can run for a long time? The answer is negative, there is no absolute thing. The website trend in recent years, the unhealthy website we do not speak, the main types of Web sites are mainly search sites, movie website, shopping website, forum site, dating sites, gaming sites and other types of sites, perhaps summary was not very comprehensive, but this is my Internet experience several year. Search sites, such as Google, Baidu, I believe we all used, are not unfamiliar, the daily traffic that is scary horror online movies; TV series, this is the first thing that has many users opened the computer website love to do the most, but also the people of reform and opening up to solve the problem of food and clothing. The spirit of enjoyment; with the rise of Alibaba and and other shopping sites, online shopping is becoming popular, a new era of Internet online shopping if you don’t, then you really out. Now Chinese has hundreds of millions of Internet users, online shopping will have accounted for more than half, the average daily traffic of more online shopping website amazing; more and more resources, how to achieve mutual exchange and sharing of resources, it is thanks to the forum, the forum we can interact and share resources through post replies, share good resources will attract people, of course, more flow; with the popularity of the TV dating programs, dating sites also began to rise, make friends everyone love things, especially the opposite sex friends, friends in the network even if not for the friends, can also see hotties, no one should not love looking hotties right; the game from the past to the present, almost never neglected, basically everyone played the game, especially in today’s online games, web games, do not download Can play, of course, the daily flow will not be less.

reason two: promotion problem

is a good site, good resources, a good domain name and so on, but the site has little traffic every day ", playing the fly", what is the reason? We are not promotion! The construction site is the reality of what business, a shop decoration is good, the goods are placed on the shelf, but you didn’t to promote you.

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