How much do you do with the value added service

How much do you do with the value added service

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The following is a gathering of the Tech forum. Through the analysis of some cases, it was found that the broad mobile phone market has yet to be developed, the use of mobile phones to disseminate information than the traditional way of publicity to enhance brand awareness.

Peter Fuller: Mobile Marketing Association executive director

Nihal Mehta:ipsh president

Nathan Woodman:MPGMedia Contacts director

Carrie Himelfarb:Vindigo vice president of sales

Mike Troiano:m-Qube senior vice president of business development

Peter Fuller: I don’t know how long you focus on the Tech forum, to see so many companies still around here, and there are many new technologies continue to emerge, it is an amazing thing. A quarter of the economic development seems to be faster than the previous 20 years, and the momentum seems unabated. You should be familiar with the mobile phone market, at least now much better than before, when I was in San Francisco before, always received many telephone inquiries about our mobile phone market is a network of value-added services, or advertising business. Today, our discussion is to let you know what the mobile phone market is like, and how you can use the market to get closer to your customers.

Nihal Mehta: we are a mobile value-added services company, mainly for young people to provide entertainment services, in addition to advertising for advertisers. Now the United States, the transmission of mobile phone information is very popular among young people, about 30 million of the people in the United States to send text messages, the phone can receive text messages between 150 million people. With the expansion of business, many people think that our business will be extended to Europe and Asia, and we are also interested in.

Nathan Woodman: I’m an advertiser. The vast number of mobile phone users is a very large advertising market, the new advertising model will have a great impact on the advertising industry.

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