Yiwu a vocational college training network hawkers after 90 years into the part

Yiwu a vocational college training network hawkers after 90 years into the part

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students on duty overnight delivery.


the classroom is like a grocery store.


the classroom is like a grocery store.

90 after the network vendors how to enter the million

Yiwu vocational college specialized training "network vendors" surrounding the village occasion to develop e-commerce into the "Taobao village"

a Taobao store, open enrollment class allows orders, Taobao performance instead of credits, Yiwu Business School entrepreneurship class called "Taobao class", in June this year, the first student entrepreneurship classes officially graduated from school. October 8th, the new freshman just finished military training has completed the registration of Taobao shops. The teacher began to guide the students to shop decoration. This Taobao class from the beginning of the creation of the eye, but also controversial, from the new ideas and methods of education, to the performance of the student income.

90 of these college graduates network small traders, zero based low-cost, many people become millionaires. In recent years, unconsciously moved to Yiwu local real traders in the electronic commerce, in Qingyan Liu village as the representative of the "Taobao village" is one of them. Villagers + students, the miracle of e-commerce writing.

text / reporter Yang Yangtu / reporter Mo Weinong

Shi Haojie, male, Henan Anyang people, born in June 1990, now retsing chairman of science and technology, set up branch offices in Wenzhou, Taizhou and other places, has a staff of 12 people, has 5 patents, the annual turnover of over 10 million yuan……

Dong Sisi, female, Zhejiang Yiwu people, born in November 1991, now the chairman of Yiwu wave Electronics Limited company, operating a Taobao mall stores, hired 8 employees, monthly turnover of 500 thousand yuan……

they are just graduated from Yiwu Business School entrepreneurship first class student, the senior deeds, for the students here are for having heard it many times Ye Yongwei is no exception.

Taobao class for more than two generations of rich or poor students

Ye Yongwei junior year, from rural Zhejiang, born in 1991. High school grades are not very poor, but did not take the two, the three do not want to read". In opposition to his family, he chose the Yiwu Institute of business, ready to start their own business.

sophomore semester last winter, he should be from the Yiwu trade city into a number of cartoon cotton slippers, sell well decided to start selling slippers. "Select a high degree of product related to a special product to do a good job." Ye Yongwei summed up the experience: "we students are generally doing seasonal products, one is from time to time

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