How to deal with business interruption

How to deal with business interruption

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With network attacks, terrorism and destruction of industry upgrade — not to mention the tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes and other natural disasters, the business continuity management has become the Corporate Events center, more and more enterprises are forced to call their disaster recovery plan. If you reduce the problem, said the company business survival and damaging the credibility of investor confidence now was not enough to convince you of the disaster recovery plan to give sufficient attention, it should consider the government rules and regulations to bring more and more pressure? For example, Sarbanes-Oxley regulations require companies to prove their disaster recovery plan is feasible.

Electronic Data Systems, global business continuity management services (Global Business Continuity Management Services) director Joyce Repsher provides eight measures for the readers of TechRepublic, the application of these eight measures, we can ensure that our company to deal with the disaster caused by any business interruption ready.

measures: change the passive into active. In the long run, the cost of doing so is lower.

should be considered in advance possible disasters, so you can prepare for possible disaster fully prepared, anticipate business problems that may occur to have a preliminary idea of response measures should be taken. With this kind of preparation, when the disaster really happens, you have to pay the price will be much lower.

Repsher gives us an example of a EDS client. The client is a retailer in the United States has a number of branches, it has refused to spend $seven hundred thousand to install an enterprise wide anti-virus software. About a month later, due to the Nimda virus attacks, the operation of the enterprise paralyzed for more than a week. In order to restore the operation of the business, to clear the virus within the system, the company is paying the cost of the installation of anti-virus software mentioned above ten times the required funds.

two measures: don’t throw the helve after the hatchet

Repsher pointed out that many companies ignore an important problem is that the company has a large number of important data is stored in the employee’s personal computer. If the data is not backed up, the system will not be able to respond to a disaster

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