Taobao customer strategy marketing a short time to master the Taobao customer skills

Taobao customer strategy marketing a short time to master the Taobao customer skills

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with Ali mother’s hot, Taobao seems to become the best platform for small and medium owners to make money. Since Taobao no threshold, no cost, simple operation, a lot of people gradually joined the Taobao guest. Of course, there are still a lot of people really make money, but, after all, this is a small part of. Can really make money, there are a few? Inside a flop, or more. The key is that many people even do not understand what is the Taobao customer, back into the industry, can be said to be too reckless.

today, sesame said some of the more common promotion methods here, as well as Taobao customers attention, and not like the other articles that promise you can make a lot of money, but as long as the operating according to this method, it is to earn money.

the first thing to note is the promotion of the time should not be too greedy, because many of the members will be a one-time promotion of a lot of classification, digital, clothing, cosmetics and other classification, due to too much, cause unable to concentrate on doing a project.

didn’t have a relatively high weight in a field, as a result of care for this and lose that nothing. Recommend that you focus on a project, and then concentrate on doing his best. For example, you do digital, from the promotion to the page, all digital, so that in a field can get a good weight, and then promote some of the surrounding, and gradually develop.

also noticed some unscrupulous stores to promote it, because many owners will leave a connection in the description, and even to other stores, other pages. In this way, you will do it for him.

therefore, the promotion of the time see the shop, choose reputable shops, watch shops each product is really in sales, to prevent unscrupulous stores.

there is another point, do not always choose the high commission of goods. A lot of goods to a high commission, 50%, 30%, etc., but the price is too high, members will not buy. For example, to sell QB, the owner of 50% of the Commission, selling $2 and the owner to give a commission of 10%, selling $0.5. Nature should choose the latter, although the former Commission is very high, but there will be no performance, so we need to choose the right product to do promotion, can not be too eager to commission.

In addition to

, the relative management loopholes, but there is a certain market goods. Because many customers do Taobao, so if you do such as clothing, shoes and other goods, the competition will be relatively large, so the selected classification is very important, do not blindly follow. Others do shoes to make money, not necessarily you will make money, choose their own classification, it is necessary to concentrate on doing, do not consider other projects, stick to it, always make money.

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