Microsoft strategic investment social influence system Klout

Microsoft strategic investment social influence system Klout

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for a long time, Microsoft’s own search engine Bing (Bing) in social search above has been steady, and even can be said to be bait. Today, Microsoft’s strategic investment in the famous social influence company Klout, and reached a partnership with them, Klout team will be their own social scoring system depth customization to Bing search inside.

on the Klout, we previously wrote, it is mainly through the ranking algorithm and semantic analysis on the user in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and other social networking activities are analyzed, so that one can quantify the influence you score. The factors that affect your score include many aspects – the number of active fans, the forwarding rate of your messages, the original rate, interaction with the fans, etc..

Klout is a star class start-up company, currently less than a hundred employees, has received $40 million in investment, valued at $200 million in October last year. As of December last year, Klout has 10 billion API requests (Level 1 billion API club members), and has more than 4000 API partners.


Bing and Klout cooperation, not only can provide more accurate search results and the information on the social network search for users, while Bing search will reverse promote the rating social influence Klout more accurately, improve the credibility of the Klout score.

through the integration of the two sides, people can see the influence of the Bing search scores. For example, when you search for an event, when the search results and the event related to the people, you can click to see his social information, influence scores, etc.. At the same time, the search results of the Klout will be integrated with Wikipedia, allowing users to get more accurate information.


for Microsoft, this is all expected. Since the Bing launch, Microsoft is in a step by step for their "open search platform" (open search platform). From the search results of the three column shows, to support Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and other social content, Bing has gradually built its social search empire.

social information search and Google precise search has many advantages, it has social, timeliness, personalized, user-friendly features, it can better meet the needs of people’s search. And Facebook announced before the search into the field, there are similar reasons.

on the other hand, Microsoft’s Bing search is not a simple >

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