nnovative E therapy entrepreneurship Contest Registration start

nnovative E therapy entrepreneurship Contest Registration start

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lead: mobile health is full of opportunities, but also need to integrate resources. Look forward to working together to open the door of mobile medical



now, high quality medical resources, limited patient communication, inadequate patient management. How to change the cognition and behavior of the patients become the problems to be solved urgently. Seek good size must comply with the policy change, the industry still need to surprise. In the wake of the mobile medical in time, the characteristics of the patients in the management will be of great help.

according to the State Council issued the development of health services, health services in 2020 reached a total size of more than 8 trillion yuan. 2013 China Mobile medical market size of 2 billion 250 million yuan, is expected to reach $12 billion in 2017. With the development of technology, the emergence of a variety of business models, and the maturity of the ecosystem, mobile health services will become a part of health services can not be ignored.

mobile medical opportunities, but also urgent resource integration. Thus, the global pharmaceutical industry leaders and Chinese Pfizer Inc (Pfizer) combined Chinese, Jingwei Sequoia Capital, Softbank China, Hong Hui capital, shell agency, entrepreneur and medicine top experts jointly organized innovation and entrepreneurship competition E therapy ", to jointly explore the future mode of medical service, to explore and support the potential of entrepreneurial team and to provide better medical services for the majority of patients with China.

it is understood that the contest will be held in Beijing in January 31, 2015, the activities include two parts:

, which will be invited to participate in the management of mobile medical Roundtable Pfizer, well-known venture partners, medical experts, outstanding entrepreneurs, to discuss the status quo and development of mobile medical services.

at the same time, the activities will also focus on the theme of mobile health, entrepreneurship related projects roadshow, and guests from the entrepreneurial project score, in-depth discussion with the entrepreneurial team. The winning team will receive a bonus, signed a letter of intent to invest in the field, and is likely to get the venture capital institutions and Pfizer Inc capital investment and resource support.

is a huge potential opportunities for innovation of mobile medical door, look forward to jointly open the organizing committee a person with breadth of vision! Invites the mobile medical field team gongxiangshengju. Concerned about the mobile medical industry, entrepreneurial projects for improving the patient experience, enhance the therapeutic effect of the team can enroll.

let us join hands in creating healthy China!

project requirements

theme: improve the medical experience, improve the therapeutic effect of

consider the overall solution, rather than limited to the technical platform of the show

disease is not limited to one or more diseases

submit material

core team members, contact information

project plan

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