Fly fruit net Zhang Feilong online selling fruit can go far

Fly fruit net Zhang Feilong online selling fruit can go far

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5 years ago, in the network marketing has just started under the background of "fruit" online is a very new concept, to very long future. However, Zhang Feilong is firmly go now, and more and more, a few years of cumulative sales of 100 million yuan. More surprising is that the first in Suzhou fruit industry e-commerce entrepreneurs, turned out to be 90! 5 years ago, he was only 18 years old.

"a few years ago, I always tell people that he 80. In the past few years, I have come back." In order to gain the trust of others, just the adult Zhang Feilong had to learn to mature. "The past few years, some things can not use language to say." In his face, far behind the publicity, but always with a smile. Kekepengpeng 5 years, taught him to "calm" two words. His character is more and more plump because of the fruit: the fruit needs not only the sunlight, but also needs the cool night — the cold rain can cause it to mature.

18 years old busy busy sky

Zhang Feilong 5 years ago, a green hand, there is a strong "stubborn". Because the parents are doing business in Suzhou, he also followed in the creation of the world "". At that time, he was particularly interested in computers, learn to build websites, and successfully in a ticket selling site to do technology. Later another feeling dull as ditch water, home network company salesman. Although the monthly salary is not much, but Zhang Feilong very satisfied, anyway, I was to learn, did not want to get paid." At that time the company dozens of salesman, older than him, but his performance is the first.

work in the past six months, Zhang Feilong want to start their own business, in the hands of only 500 yuan when resolutely resigned, nearly ten thousand yuan commission I did not take". He is prepared to use the learning to build a website, like many of the villagers in Shandong to sell fruit. We can buy fruit in the fruit shop, if the Internet is also selling such fruit, do not have the advantage. An accidental opportunity, he came into contact with imported fruit, immediately aware of the huge business opportunities.

is supposed to try, but to his surprise, second days after the line on the website, there is a big customer. However, the customer requires a gift card, Zhang Feilong’s flying fruit network has not this service. In order to retain customers, Zhang Feilong immediately went to the advertising company printed in the now appears to be very rough gift cards. His sincerity, won the first business. Because of this business, increase the confidence of Zhang Feilong. Since then, he has received a lot of orders.

business is hard, when he was very young, no money, Never mind, rely on a personal hard work, continuous work is often a matter of sleepless. However, by the end of the year, he did not even pay the wages of delivery workers, the rent can not pay. Debt to press suffocatively Zhang Feilong, after the decision as a warning for the future is to continue, but again, not the same as before, spend too much cost in ineffective advertising. He began to try using word-of-mouth marketing, soon flying fruit net back.

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