Taobao customer experience will it serendipitously results

Taobao customer experience will it serendipitously results

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flowers flowers open, the gander. Taobao customers should have some understanding of the network, have heard. Crazy Taobao guest let some people really made a few years ago, of course, the monthly income of 10000 yuan Tao is one of the few, but that a group of people in the middle also tasted the sweetness of Amoy, earn less, but it opens up a new marketing mode.

with the hype and Taobao customers have been known, more and more in the sea Amoy started to make money, ha ha, it seems people here love and follow suit, is now popular copycat.

seems to suddenly numerous guest websites competing online, start the guest journey to make money. But in the end we should all know, numerous guest website 09/10 was Baidu drop right and be K, included almost 0. Many of these people are dumbfounded, passion and confidence was hit in a complete mess, this period of time after the website began to decrease or Amoy seems to be so many people concerned.

I know Taobao guest or two years ago, but at that time their own thinking ability and technology are also general, just know that Taobao customers can make money, but did not do impulse. Until 2010 I whim, invest in a guest website, play, feel Taobao guest atmosphere, feel how Taobao customers can not survive, there is no chance. Then I started planning. Two days I made space and domain names, the use of the weekend time online. At that time, and not too serious to do, just a little change to the title of the description of the sort, select a few very competitive keywords, then the site on the line. Fairly quickly. Ha-ha。

Taobao guest website: I love Amoy – Taobao shopping platform. When I started on the line, I often go to look at the management, plus a few links to do some of the chain update is also very timely, but the collection is very slow, but it is a month after the baidu was included. After my management is relatively small, because other work is busy, the site is only occasionally to look at, because at that time did not expect this site can make money. Reproduced must indicate the source: Aberdeen network marketing blog


and three months later, I found that when check my website data, this website has a collection of thirty thousand data, I was very surprised, I always think that it is impossible by too much, because it is a call to the API data collection should not be too much. I did not expect this is included so much. After I began to pay attention to the site, do some SEO network optimization, mainly for keywords ranking, more to my surprise, a few key words this website ranking very quickly to the first few pages, I insist on doing after a period of time, the ranking to the page, hehe happy time, feel a little sense of accomplishment.

Taobao customers in the increasingly optimistic about the situation, I did a Taobao off, and have the effect, I feel very good. I think this kind of reverse thinking in the Internet and life >

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