Whether a new path failure Wangzhuan Wangzhuan can benefit from

Whether a new path failure Wangzhuan Wangzhuan can benefit from

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in Wangzhuan on the road, I’m a loser, I contacted the operation, SEO, bidding, Taobao. But they do not have a success, today write here, so I come to the identity of the person, and would like to engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan new friends a little reference, don’t go my way, if some friends can give a little inspiration, I’m not to pay tuition. Although I believe that there is a part of me will not go this way, but I believe that most of the friends like me, because the 28 rate is unchanged. If you do not want to see my experience, you can directly look at my summary of it, maybe a little bit of you.


is the beginning of the end of 2010 the real contact Wangzhuan, started to learn SEO, then with the domestic development is soon great team, I do not say everybody also know. Because at that time what all don’t understand, what website, domain name, ah, is a little bit to learn to come over, may be the biggest harvest during this period is to learn to do stand. Because just started, not the essentials, SEO level does not pass, and the heart, suddenly made several stops, flowers in the article and the chain every day of the time needed for several hours, so long a lot of useless work, adhere to 3-4 months, did not see any effect, so lost power, I think some of my friends would like me to see people make money, enthusiasm, can turn their results is completely different.

didn’t do SEO, contact the bidding, was also saw a team played day to earn a few hundred – thousand, as if it were raining flowers, the impulse to buy a set of hundreds of pieces of tutorials, the actual operation down, then no matter, not only did not earn a little money, but also lose money. It is true that the price can make money, but it is difficult to make money. Now it seems like a funny experience, if it is really so good, I do not think a few people would like to talk about how to make money. I think there are still some of the same as I had the idea of friends now, not those teams have much wisdom, but they seize the money to make this part of the people’s psychology, so you can easily lure.

Taobao, in March 2011, is because before contact, store has also been opened in the fall, so it did not take much effort, was also seen slimming products profits, so we chose a weight-loss products, do not have what promotion, read some tutorials, just follow these the title and description to the baby. When a natural flow of business, the products of their choice, because Taobao received complaints, was forced off the shelf, it is not for me, but the C shop slimming products are not allowed to make the train promotion, so then have to give up.

after this over several months, I chose to go to work, but at the same time I also summed up the months of experience, the greatest failure is the wrong direction, blundering, anxious, not insist. In this period of time is also doing some learning, read some tutorials, but can be a good control of their own, adhere to find suitable for self

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