Saif Yan Yan 95% domestic venture projects is CopyCat

Saif Yan Yan 95% domestic venture projects is CopyCat

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NetEase Francisco September 12th message, entrepreneur DEMO CHINA 2013 finals today entered the second day, Softbank Asia Investment Fund chief partner Yan Yan speech at the scene. Yan Yan said Saif looked a lot of projects in Chinese, but 95% are CopyCat (copied products).

Yan Yan said that although the Saif PE post investment as the main business, but there are still 10% of the business for early investment. At present, Saif has invested more than and 100 early enterprises.

see a lot of early companies, but 95% of them are CopyCat, these projects because they do not adapt to the domestic market, most of them will die."

Yan Yan hopes Chinese entrepreneurs, especially in the field of Internet entrepreneurs, because the low cost of reproduction, often regardless of market demand will follow the trend of foreign market hot project copy to China, this project mostly cannot succeed.

"passion is the cheapest, persistence is the most precious." Yan Yan said that entrepreneurs should broaden their horizons, the target market must be large, the adequacy of the business model, the most important thing is a business venture."

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