The experience of Baidu theme promotion

The experience of Baidu theme promotion

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first introduced myself, a lot of friends and friends in the search through Baidu cool shadow small can find some information about me, in the past year, I have been studying SEO. I was registered in 2005 Baidu Union, has been doing Baidu alliance, has a lot of experience, so today to talk about.

The application for

1. Baidu alliance, many of my friends are not Baidu Adsense, Baidu alliance address is as long as you have a certain flow station, such as 100IP every day can apply for Baidu alliance. Obviously, to become a member of the Baidu alliance is conducive to improving the ranking on Baidu. But this is just a factor in Baidu rankings, so whether it is in order to flow or to make money, you have to apply for the Baidu alliance.

1.1 application conditions, as long as your site is not illegal, do not cheat, do not involve sensitive issues, the probability of 100%.

of course, you are applying for the search business Baidu Alliance (currently has search business, theme promotion, Internet cafes business, software business four), the search business is the lowest threshold in the Baidu alliance. This is not the search business is not making money, according to my friend and I experience a single click on the price of the search business can reach 0.2RMB but because many web traffic from Baidu, so the user will rarely let Baidu search box, so click on the search box is generally very low, but once the user has to click on that, so search ore price is high. What is more important is to let Baidu search box that you stand in a shorter period of time, such as the station of a page B put the Baidu search box, then it box page A more attention than the Baidu block caused no search. Here for everyone to extend, if your site is full of GG advertising may not recruit Baidu like,

put the search box on the third reason is that Baidu search box is a prerequisite for the promotion of Baidu theme.

summary 1.1, the search box is very easy to apply for this business, it is necessary.

1.2 what kind of station can apply for Baidu business?

a lot of friends have noticed that the Baidu alliance now requires the world’s 50 thousand ranked station to be able to apply for its business.

but this is just a principle, we Chinese often say, "the problem should be XX in principle", that is not absolutely so. In recent months, I successfully guided 2 friends to apply for the Baidu alliance, especially the successful application of the Baidu theme promotion.

1.2.1 is a professional site, English 46, it was ranked in the world outside of the 2 million, but apply for Baidu search business >

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