How to reasonably improve the income of Google Adsense

How to reasonably improve the income of Google Adsense

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1, website theme and keywords

as to what keywords are expensive this is hard to say, because it depends on the advertiser’s setting and competition situation, English keywords list in most sites have a reference value but may not be accurate. You have a very simple way to understand, is to register a Adwords account, you can not pay the background can also be set up advertising, set up the process you will see the different prices of keywords.

2, web content and host

Web content is very important, which is decided by the core factors of your income. The more content you have, the more ads you can match, and the more revenue you will naturally get. In the same way, the richer the content, the more visitors will get the chance to click.

and the host are related to 3 aspects: stability, you can find in your virtual machine to stop or transfer a few days after the price will be relatively low, or PSAs; speed, this is more trouble, because of Chinese network providers, users will lead you to think fast but Google Adsense crawler does not think so, but we try to ensure that the speed of the site, because it will affect the site’s ratings and advertising revenue; IP, virtual host to avoid junk IP, especially for those serious cheating IP, specializing in the production of IP Google Adsense site should be avoided, such IP address not only affects the income of account security. As to how to judge the IP you have to rely on the service provider to understand, but you can look at the site under the IP, will be helpful. The IP address will also affect the advertising, to a great extent, if your virtual machine in the United States, even if you do is Chinese station, also will be very easy to appear English advertising, only after a long time on this effect will be smaller.

3, domain name, directory name and file name

> domain influence on advertisement

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