One year accounted for 30 thousand yuan through part time Wangzhuan experience sharing

One year accounted for 30 thousand yuan through part time Wangzhuan experience sharing

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as a part-time Wangzhuan have been more than a year old, although the author is not very successful, but also accumulated some experience, earn 30 thousand yuan, therefore, some of the common ways of Wangzhuan and friends you share, hope to have the harvest.

I actually started from 2005 to make money through the spare time, but at that time, the only thing you can do is to write some articles, all contribute to the magazine, newspapers and other publications, the idea is very simple, there are hundreds of million in royalties is enough for a month. In others contribute painstaking research style, painstaking writing, the author found that the input and output is not proportional to the dozens of articles cast out, including inspirational, love story, life philosophy and so on, but are no echo as end. Nearly 2 years time nothing, the only consolation is to read more than dozens of classics. By 2011, the author is engaged in editorial work, in his spare time and ready to start, actively contribute, but the result is still the case, let people see a little hope. Finally, the author summed up the truth, hope that through this way to earn royalties is very desirable, unless it is not asking for return, just as lianbi.

from the beginning of 2012 March, an unintentional opportunity, I know the pig Witkey, then try holding the mentality began writing work. From the earliest time through the 3 article, fetched 9.6 yuan, let me more determined I tread on air, writing confidence. Then I got a line under the co written enrollment employers, daily demand is 5, a 500 word, earn 15 yuan was the largest income Wangzhuan every day. Later, there will be a draft of 100 yuan of the article was approved, and then the pig eight quit, you can open the store, the line of cooperation with the employer to find a steady stream of. The use of pig three reputation, was busy with the task. Go back to work after dinner every night, the first thing is to open the computer to write every day, 5 hours of fighting, can be fetched 60 yuan. In a November the most crazy, earned 3200 yuan, but also the play while you earn work, really let me have a sense of achievement. For the pig or other Witkey Wangzhuan, the threshold is very simple, through the mobile phone to send text messages to make money, to do the design, writing is more common. But in the actual operation of the process, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the task is to pay the deposit, whether it is still in the tender. Even if these two basic conditions are not selected, it is likely to be hard to write things, and ultimately unable to contribute. In addition, in the submission of time, in order to avoid being cheated, then you can start from a simple task, unless the task is really very sure, otherwise you can see if someone passed, and then contribute. I had met dozens of people to contribute, but in the end only through an article, such tasks are generally not high requirements, offering tens of dollars, but you write out the hard after the submission, finally are often pass. For >

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